Moving guide for college students

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Going away to college is going to bring about some changes in your life. It might be your first time leaving away from your family and you will find that you have many more responsibilities. But this is a good thing. You will learn a lot about everyday life and how to handle different situations. There are many lessons to be learned, but first, you need to relocate. Read our moving guide for college students and get to know what you will need to do. Read More …

Pros and cons of having a roommate

Having a roommate is practical. Cost- efficient. And often a very fun way of living. But besides giving unique experiences – and often friends for a lifetime – living with a roommate can have its downsides. And yes, it may happen that at times you may even hate your roommate. We already talked about how to find a roommate. And now that you have, the basic thing is to set rules at the very start. But what if you want to share a place with your best friend? And how many people in one apartment are too many? If you are still indecisive about living with someone, this text can help. We’ll list all the pros and cons of having a roommate and sharing a flat – and with this, your life.

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Surviving Florida on a tight budget – is it possible?

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Are you thinking about moving to Florida, then first you should consider some important facts. First of all, what is your budget? If it is not that high, you must create a way to live on a tight budget. But, is it surviving Florida on a tight budget possible? Yes, it is! With some tips, you can achieve that simple and easy. Read More …

How to find a roommate?

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Everybody knows that nowadays it is hard for an average young person to buy an apartment just like that. Especially if you are a student or you are trying to start your new, adult life in a new town. The most popular strategy for dealing with this situation, for most people, is to find a roommate or roommates. It is a financially sound decision, but it is not just that. If you click with your chosen roommate, they can become your best friends and help you settle in your new home a lot quicker than you would if you were living by yourself. They can show you the city if they are natives there, or explore it side by side with you.

However, finding such a roommate is not an easy task. If you don’t do this the right way, you might end up regretting the after you move in with them. We prepared a list of several things that you should do before you decide to move in with someone.


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Roommates walking through the streets of their city

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