Texas cities to consider if you want to live with ease

A view of one of the Texas cities to consider if you want to live with ease.

We have prepared a list of some great Texas cities for you if you are considering relocating here. Many people find this state to be perfect and that is the reason why so many are moving here. Picking the state is easy, but choosing a town and then the neighborhood – can be tricky. We will try to help you to narrow down and also show you where to get help during the process of relocation.

What to consider while choosing one of those Texas cities

Singling one city out is hard because what works best for you is the only thing that matters. People usually consider job opportunities, costs of life, healthcare, and similar things while choosing. Seniors mostly consider safety and perks for senior citizens. People with kids are more interested in schools. We will mention all the common reasons of course. Now, we can start our journey.

Affordable Texas cities

Since the most common search is “affordable Texas cities” here is a list based on the costs of rent, utilities, healthcare, groceries, and rent :

  • Brownsville
  • Houston
  • McAllen
  • El Paso
  • Cedar Park
  • Dallas
  • Pearland
  • Galveston

It’s perfectly reasonable if you are looking to relocate to a city that’s considered to be “cheap”. By saving money on rent or housing, utilities, groceries, and such you can save up and invest in your education, pension, or future. That is always great! Now let’s check out some other cities that stand out.

A person holding dollar banknotes in the hands.
Saving money on rent can be an investment into your future. You might save some money that way for a downpayment for your own place!


This city is also a pretty affordable place to live. The overall prices are about 25% lower than the national average which is a nice thing. Also, this city is known for its amazing architecture. If you happen to come here make sure to check out the Richmond Church if you are interested in the architecture of course. Fort Bend Museum is also a popular tourist attraction so you should check out that too! But if you plan to relocate here you can hire professional movers to help you to reach the city stress-free. They can also be helpful when it comes to settling in.


If you are looking for peaceful suburbs – this just might be the best place for you to live. Cypress is a Houston area suburb. This is a very quiet community and living here is very nice. This is also a somewhat affordable place to live. When it comes to safety – it’s pretty safe according to the FBI statistics. Good news for the people with kids – the public schools are pretty great here! Even though it’s a small suburb moving here won’t be problematic. Cypress-based experts can help you with all your moving needs, especially if you are in for a long-distance relocation. Of course, they can also help you out when it comes to unpacking and settling in.

Texas cities that millennials often choose

Millennials have different criteria than most other generations. But they are at that age for working hard, raising families and such. So if you are a millennial this is a list of the most popular cities. Of course, this is just a list of cities you should consider and research a bit better on your own. Austin is on the top of the list as the best city for millennials. Mainly because of the job opportunities. Austin is followed by Houston and San Antonio. As you can see they mostly pick bigger cities.

One of the Texas cities at night
It seems like millennials prefer big cities. How about you? Do you like a big city or do you prefer a more peaceful suburban area?

Choosing the right city

All of those above-mentioned cities can be a perfect place for you and your family. You need to see what you want and what feels like home to you. If you are moving with your family you will normally consult them while choosing a place. If you are on your own and you cant choose between two or three top pics we suggest you do thorough research and make a pros and cons list. That will make your decision easier. Just seeing everything on the paper will make it easier to decide. If you have that option go to your top pics to visit them and see which one you like best.

Who can help you when you choose the place

Choosing the place will take some time that’s for sure. After that, you will have a lot of planning, preparations and such. When you finally have a place picked the time will come for you to relocate. That is both exciting and exhausting at the same time. Simply because there is so much to do and often not enough time. That’s why people usually hire movers like State to State Move to help them out.

A professional mover
Hiring professional movers can be investment in your hassle-free relocation.

How can they help?

They can help with many aspects of your upcoming relocation. Even the most boring ones like packing. They can do it quickly which is pretty useful when you are in a bit of a rush. Often they can provide many additional services like senior relocation, junk removal, piano moving, and similar that can be quite useful. Make sure to check the website of movers you plan to hire so you can see all the additional services they are offering. That can make your relocation much easier and the best of all – stress-free!

If you have any doubts

If you have any doubts about your decision you can change your mind always. That is until you relocate. So make sure to research online everything! Nowadays you can learn everything. You can even see the prices of real estate with pictures and everything using websites like Zillow. So use that to your advantage and you won’t have any regrets. Good luck with picking one of those amazing Texas cities!

Buying a house in Burleson – 5 things to consider

an image of a Texas flag, read about buying a house in Burleson, Texas

Before we get in 5 things you should consider when buying a house in Burleson, let’s learn something about this city. Burleson is a small city in Texas. More closely, it is a suburb of Fort Worth. As of the 2019 census, it has about 50,000 people living in it. Because of the small population, you will get friendly with many people as is a common occurrence in any small town. The town has an exceptional education which is good if you have children that are going to school. The city is safe. The average household income is 69,000. Now that we know some things about this Texas town – let’s move on to our pro tips.

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How to pack china and crystal when moving house


Moving house is a time-consuming process of planning, organizing, and packing your belongings. Perhaps the most delicate aspect of the move is packing. Your belongings require care and time to pack. This is mostly true about the fragile and sensitive items. Usually, these items are also expensive. So, this is why you should really learn how to pack china and crystal for a move. Careful preparation and packing of these items will help you decrease the stress of the move and keep your items safe.

Packing preparation

When packing delicate items like crystal and china you must start well in advance. This is important because you don’t want to rush when packing delicate items. So, take your time and start in advance. Also, be sure to prepare a workspace that is soft and flat so uses blankets and towels. Make sure to protect your items while packing as well as for the move.

China bowls that can easily get broken if you do not know how to pack china and crystal when moving.
Packing chin requires preparation, time, care and packing supplies

When packing fragile items the supplies and materials are crucial. Supplies you will need are:

  • Wrapping materials
  • Boxes
  • Tape and labels

Wrapping material

Wrapping materials are crucial for a successful move of your china and crystal. These materials should be adequate to protect your items during transport. You can consider using DIY materials such as newspapers or crumpled up paper. These materials are cheap and easy to find. They will do the job but they can also stain and dirty up the glass. However, there are specialty alternatives like packing paper that is readily available.

Also, consider buying plastic foam or sheet as well as bubble wrap. These materials are specially made to protect fine items. When used properly they can prevent scratches and fractures. They can even protect your belongings in case of hits and drops. These wrapping materials should always be used in combination with Styrofoam and foam fillings. These supplies can prevent your fragile china and crystal from moving around too much.

Label - fragile handle with care
Make sure everyone handles your china and crystal with care by properly labeling the boxes

Boxes and bins

You can use any type of box for packing. However, be sure to buy sturdy boxes that can carry the load. Also, make sure that they are not too big or too small. proper boxes must be able to protect your items.

Packing tape and labels

Make sure that all of the boxes are taped up securely. The tape will prevent the boxes from opening accidentally. Additional tape can also make boxes sturdier for proper protection. Also, make sure to have clear labels to mark the boxes. This will help both you and the movers identify and take extra care of the fragile items you are moving.

Packing process

When packing china and crystal it is crucial to follow certain steps to be sure everything is safe. Start by inspecting your items, Make sure that everything is in good condition and ready for packing. Broken china or crystal may damage other items in transport. Make sure to wrap every item individually. This will ensure that everything is as safe as can be. Use paper, bubble wrap, foam. Pack the items in boxes and make sure to fill and protect them adequately. Buy boxes with separator, line them with padding and make sure they are filled up so nothing moves excessively. Finish by labeling the boxes for additional care and security.

Crystal vase
Make sure your fragile crystal and china are well protected for the move

So, learning how to pack china and crystal when moving is one of the things that will help you sleep better. It will relieve your moving stress and help you through the process. Take your time to protect your fragile items.