3 tips on how to become an expert at labeling moving boxes

Labelling moving boxes- mark the items so you could unpack them easier

Relocation is a very demanding process. It brings so many tasks to your current and also to your new home. Because your job starts before and ends way after you do the actual transportation of your items. Having that in mind, you surely may conclude by yourself that the organisation is the key to success when it comes to the moving. The organization is more or less key to the success of every project. So do consider your moving as an important project. It actually is ending one and starting another life chapter. Prepare for the transition and conduct it smoothly. One of the most important things, when we’re talking about the relocation, is labeling moving boxes. You could wonder why, but if you don’t label moving boxes properly, you’d end up stressed because of the mess. Here we are to help you do that right.

Learn how to become an expert at labeling moving boxes

Labeling moving boxes- mark the items so you could unpack them easier
Labeling moving boxes- is very important for the relocation

There are several important things for the success when marking your boxes after packing the items. We shall explain each one to you, so you could avoid troubles during the transportation and unpacking:

  • Prepare the tools you’ll use to label boxes- For every job, besides the good plan, you need the tools. Therefore you need markers so you could mark the boxes after you pack them. Also, you need labels, and/or a colored tape.
  • Decide how you’ll be labeling moving boxes- Make the decision on which way you’ll do the labeling. After you make it, stick to it, so you’d be sure that you know for sure what’s in each of the boxes. 
  • Tricks to improve the marking of boxes- Hints to help you mark boxes like a professional.

Marking tools for labeling boxes

If you intend to do the labeling right and to have your moving boxes sorted in the right manner, you need the proper tools. Those tools are not expensive, and you don’t need a college to choose them. Still, you do need to have a certain amount of indicators to select the best ones for the job of labeling moving boxes. Therefore, following lines are of great importance for you:

Labeling markers

  • 5 or more Colours:

If you intend to use color coding labeling moving boxes strategy for items packed in different parts of the home, you want to purchase at least 5 different colors of markers. And try to pick the colours that differ obviously, so you wouldn’t be misguided during the unpacking process. Because when you’re tired, and you will be after the moving, you could easily mix up two similar colours, and then the whole process of moving boxes marking makes no sense. 

  • High quality(persistent, waterproof):

The first tip here is- don’t buy the cheapest markers. There are many reasons for that. You need the markers to remain visible on your moving boxes after various difficulties they could face (water, dust, adhesion…). So pay attention to the characteristics of the markers. After you picked those quality enough to pass the test of transportation, compare them, and then it is recommended to pick the least expensive among them. 

  • Quantity:

Think about how many boxes you might have while packing. Then think about the labeling strategy (we’ll talk about this in following paragraphs). After you considered all of it, think about how many markers you might need. It’s better to even buy more markers than you think you’ll need. Think about how angry you might get if you’re out of markers before you finished packing?

Labels for your moving boxes

When you want to have your boxes marked even after the transportation, then you’re not recommended to mark them directly. We suggest you buy labels. The labels are specially made for writing on them, and to endure. So, before you start labeling moving boxes, you’ll need labels. Think about how big they should be. That is also connected to your strategy of marking. After you decided the size, and also the quantity, check with the workers at the shop which ones they recommend for the moving. And purchase them before you start packing. 

Colored packing tape

Use coloured packing tape to additionally mark your boxes
Marking moving boxes is much easier if you use colored packing tape

It doesn’t matter that you’re planning on labeling. Moving boxes should also be sealed by the tape of different colors. We suggest you buy the same colors of the tape as markers. That way you’ll have the information about what might be in the box before you even read it. Also, you might inform the moving professionals about the colors, so they wouldn’t have to read the signs, but they could know how to manage the box just based on the tape color. So, it ‘s very useful, and we certainly think it’s a good idea to use colored packing tape!

Moving boxes marking strategies

There are two main strategies to pick when thinking of how you should mark each moving box. You may use colors, or you may use numbers.

  • Colours

If you use colors to mark the boxes with items you’re moving, then you may name a color for each room. And after you do that, you use markers and labels in the color for the room you’re packing. Or you might attach a color for the intensity of care needed when managing each boxe. For example red for fragile, and green for non-fragile, and blue or purple for breakable, but not needing too much attention. 

  • Numbers

On the other hand, you might assign a number to each room, or to each grade of brittleness. And you need to keep the evidence in a notebook about each number, and to sign what each number contains. If there are many boxes with the same number, you can use letters together with the numbers (a1, g12 etc), and that way know exactly what’s in each box. What we especially advise you to pay attention to when using this kind of labeling moving boxes is to keep at least two copies of the items listings. And also on different locations. So, in case you lose one, you’ll have a copy. And therefore avoid the unpleasantness of doing everything for nothing, remaining confused what’s in the boxes. 

Tricks for labeling boxes as a packing expert

When packing your boxes, it's useful to use tricks to mark them right
Use tricks to mark your boxes while packing

Here are some useful tricks to help you do the job of marking boxes as a professional packer&mover: 

  1. Do the marking of the boxes at the same time you finish packing it. Also keep the evidence promptly. That way you may not forget to write down the content of the box, nor you’ll forget to do the labeling. Forgetting to do the marking part for just several boxes could lead to confusion, and confusion leads to damaging and breaking the content. 
  2. If you’re using previously used boxes, attach your labels onto the potential marks on them. That way you’re avoiding the potential confusion of what’s the right label on the box. And it might happen, because used boxes commonly have labels on them, from a previous relocation done using them. 
  3. In case you don’t have time to do the packing, you may hire packers&movers to do that too. Just ask the moving company you’re hiring how much would they charge you for that, and see if it fits t your plans. And, if relocating company is gonna pack your items, you could ask them to do labeling moving boxes. That way you’ll have the info what’s in the boxes when unpacking.

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