The weirdest places to live in the world

weirdest places to live in

We live in a beautiful world full of wonderful places. Some were naturally created and some were man-made. No matter how they came to where they are, each place has something special about it. But there are some very unusual places in the world. Some you have heard of, some you might not yet be aware of. Either way, we believe you should know about some of the weirdest places to live in the world. Not everyone lives in cities or villages like the majority of us do. Here is where you will be able to get a closer look into what are some of the weirdest places to live in. You never know, you might decide to move to one of them.

Jaisalmer Fort in India

People have lived in forts for centuries. This is something that went out of style so to say a long time ago. The forts that you can find today from those ages are mostly tourist attractions. But that is not the case with Jaisalmer Fort. People still live inside the walls of this fort. Visiting this place is like going back in time because the people who live here are just what you would imagine people hundreds of years ago. They make the same food, have the same rituals, children play the same games. It is a very beautiful place to go to.

jaisalmer fort India
This is a very beautiful place to visit. A true time-traveling machine.

Slab City in the United States of America

This is a very interesting place yet it doesn’t get a lot of attention. For a certain reason, that is, of course. This is a small so to call town located in the desert of California. This used to be an army base but has been turned into an art installation. But this is an art installation you can live in.

Not only is this a place where a certain type of community lives but it is a place where living is free. You do not have to pay anything to live here. You would assume such a place would be more popular as it is in California which is one of the most expensive places to live in. Slab City is full of elderly people in retirement, hippies, and people who want to live freely without being attached to a certain place. Moving alone across the world to Slab City is what a lot of people do.

Hippie woman.
You can live freely in Slab City with no money.

Floating villages of Tonle Sap in Cambodia

Last but certainly not least is an exquisite sighting in Cambodia. Living in a floating village undoubtedly isn’t something you would imagine as possible but it is. There are many individuals here living in boats and little boathouses on the lake near Siem Reap in Cambodia. The most interesting thing about this place is that its residents rarely step on land as they are used to living and doing everything on the water.

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