The hippest places in Maryland according to generation Z

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When you’re young, moving is not a big deal. In fact, it is the most exciting experience in one’s life. Moving out of your parents’ home and finding a place that will suit both – your social life and your bank account. Supposing you’ve got one. Joke aside, what is it that young people look for in a place? Entertainment, good social life, plenty of job opportunities? Why not have it all? And the award to such a place goes to… (drum roll) Well, you guessed it. Maryland. Home of some of the best beaches around that you can enjoy! But, how do you choose the right place in the sea of opportunities? Talking to a bunch of young people, we managed to sort it out for you. So here is the list of the hippest places in Maryland according to generation Z!

Maryland 101 – the guide to Maryland for young people

By generation Z, we mean you – the next generation of Marylanders! Maryland was the first state to ratify the first 13 amendments to the Bill of Rights. This gave birth to a state where democracy and human rights are the basic foundations. Also, it was the first state in the USA to legalize same-sex marriage, and it was the first state to legalize marijuana. According to and their experts, these are just some of the many reasons why so many young people move to Maryland.

Today, it has two of the three oldest colleges in the country. That, plus some of the coolest bars and restaurants, gives Maryland a hipster vibe. The state offers its youth an opportunity to get the most out of life. Maryland has fun, and you can see it in the places young people hang out. Let’s talk about each place on this list together and we’ll try to figure out what makes Maryland special for young people.

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Look online for more information about these places!

What are the hippest places in Maryland?

Whether you’re a creative soul, an entrepreneur, or just want to enjoy the nightlife, every young person’s favorite place will be right here. The hippest places in Maryland are the ones with the youngest people. These are the places where you get to see a lot of young people hanging out, doing their thing, and having a good time. You surely won’t have problems adapting and finding something to do after you settle in. We gathered these places together based on what we think they are: a place with a fun, vibrant vibe that has something to offer everyone. These are the places young people want to visit, so make sure to check them out.

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is a small town in Maryland, between Baltimore and Washington DC. It is a historic town full of history and charm. There are many events held here, and they offer several things for young people. Mount Vernon has restaurants, bars, and even a movie theater. The town is also known for its scenic views and is a great place to have fun with friends and family. In fact, Mount Vernon has one of the most popular festivals in Maryland, the Mount Vernon Festival in May. It is a summer festival, and it features live music, beer gardens, and lots of food. There are also many events going on in and around this place. This includes the Mount Vernon Arts Festival, the Mount Vernon Food Festival, and the Mount Vernon Wine Festival.


Otterbein is another beautiful small town in Maryland. This is a place people from all over come to enjoy. The town has a laid-back feel that is perfect for young people to connect, and enjoy life. There are many places to go out and enjoy the nightlife here, and they offer different things for young people. Otterbein offers a lot of places to eat, with a number of restaurants and even a food truck. The town also has a number of bars and clubs. There are also a number of events in Otterbein, including the Otterbein Festival of Music in July, and the Otterbein Festival in August. Otterbein is a great place to enjoy food and drink with your friends and family. This is a place where you’ll meet a ton of young people, so why not have fun and hang out with them?

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There are a lot of bars where you can hang out with your friends or make new ones


Young people don’t have to be in Baltimore or Washington DC to enjoy entertainment. Gaithersburg’s small-town vibe is perfect for young people looking for the hippest places in Maryland. This is a small town, but that doesn’t mean it is boring. It offers a number of places for young people to enjoy. You have your old favorite restaurants and new favorites. There are also a number of places to visit and enjoy the nightlife. Gaithersburg offers a wide variety of fun things to do. There are a lot of events for young people, including the Gaithersburg Arts Festival. There are a lot of restaurants and bars, making it a fun place to hang out. If you decide to come here, you’ll be glad to know that you can easily find extra pair of hands to help you with your things.

Little Italy

If you’re looking for a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of Baltimore, look no further. Little Italy in Baltimore is a historic and funky neighborhood with tons of cultural activities to enjoy. It has a mix of modern and traditional architecture. There are a lot of young people living in this neighborhood, and it is the perfect place to connect with them. Little Italy is a place where you can have fun and make new friends. They have a lot of different entertainment, and it is right by many great restaurants. The community is very welcoming, and it is the perfect place to enjoy the nightlife.


Potomac is full of exciting things to do. It is right on the banks of the Potomac River, which is the perfect place to hang out with friends. There are a lot of cool places to go out and explore and enjoy the nightlife, making it the perfect place for young people to hang out. And don’t worry about your move! No matter where you’re moving from, you can reach the place issue-free with a little help from local experts. You’ll be able to see the beautiful riverscape and do tons of things. You can go out with your friends, and enjoy the nightlife. There are a lot of things to do and see, making it the perfect place to have fun. You can meet new people, or go with your friends and enjoy kayaking on the river.

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You can enjoy kayaking with your friends among other things!

The young shall inherit the Earth

What more is there to say? If you’re not sure whether you want to move or not, or the moving process and everything included scare you, look online for everything regarding relocating process. How much time, how much money, estimates… Prepare in advance. And once you plan everything, you’ll be more than ready to call one of the hippest places in Maryland your new home!

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