How to cope with moving overseas alone

A bag full of important things to help you cope with moving overseas alone.

Stepping outside of your comfort bubble and relocating all by yourself is not something that anyone would fantasize about. It takes some intense practice on how to cope with moving overseas alone. Moving overseas is already challenging enough, but for some extra topping, you have to do it on your own also.

First things first

Thought this couldn`t get any worse than that? Well, what about having also a deadline and being needed to start your duties on your new work one week from now? Take a look at a few tips on how to pack when moving on short notice before you start panicking. In order to take some stress off your shoulders, we`ve come up with this list on how to cope with moving overseas alone.

Plush bear on the edge of an open suitcase.
Lonely is not being alone, it`s the feeling that no one cares. Luckily, your Teddy bear will always do.

Accept and embrace change

If the decision is already taken, it means that some wheels were already set into motion. So you might as well just play along and go for it all the way. Acceptance is always the first step along the adventurous road of embracing change. Hopefully, by now you were a self-aware adult who realized budgeting can make a difference when in urgent need of finances. Time to open the safe, but still, ask for a free estimate and make sure that you find the best deal when choosing your movers. Even though for now you`re having more than enough, keep in mind there will also be some future unpredictable expenses. So keep on budgeting and “over-budgeting”.

Identify and join social media groups of expats

Once you`re all settled on your new location, you will for sure need company. It`s true that you`ve had to cope with moving overseas alone but this doesn`t mean that you should stay isolated once the relocation process is complete. There are so many social media groups where you can meet people from your community. It would be such a pity not to live a full life in complete harmony with others.

Find a job

In addition to putting a meal on your table and keeping shelter above your head, finding a job will give you a sense of purpose. This is going to help you even on a social level. You`re going to meet even more people than just by sending a friend request to everyone on a 5-miles-radius on social media. And we all know that a face-to-face conversation has some other sort of impact on the quality of the interactions well.

Sign up for a language course

Keeping your brain active is something that is going to pay off someday. So make sure you sign up for a language course also. Learning the local language is also telling so many things about your level of determination, so let others see you as the high-potential person that you really are. Here is a list of things to do after you settle in in case you are not the bookworm type but still want to be productive.

2 suitcases, a map, an airplane and a passport with a plane ticket on a light blue background.
Have stories to tell not stuff to show.

Gym membership – a necessity

The modern man/woman nowadays should definitely squeeze some 45 to 90 minutes window into their daily schedule for a workout. It is scientifically proven that even a good old-fashioned run on the treadmill can work wonders and improve your overall mood after a bad day. So don`t just go and rot in your bed once the office day is over.

Interaction is important

Making friends is essential in society. You never know when you need some immediate help. If you need help with your belongings, you can always get help from professional teams found at With any other type of problem, you need someone close you can give a call to at 3 a.m. without hearing shouts from the other end of the line. This is why it`s important to be sociable and be on a permanent interaction course. This mindset is going to make you find it way easier to cope with moving overseas alone.

Use the GPS

In order to learn the city, you live in way faster than you would normally do, try and use the GPS as frequently as possible. It doesn`t matter that you already know the way. By using it on a regular basis you will also start learning the name of the streets. And by the time you`re going to celebrate half a year since your move, you`re going to find yourself in the position of giving references even to locals. Now ain`t that something?

Time to fill up that bucket list

Ultimately, if you`re still having a hard time adapting to your new place of habiting, make sure you wipe the dust off your diary and open it on the bucket list page. Time to thick some of those empty boxes. Who says you need to wait until summer to take that trip to Europe? As long as you`ve got yourself and a great wandering spirit, you don`t need anything else to feel good.

An eternal dilemma – finding the right movers

Professionalism is not found in any corner. So maybe a guide on how to hire the right movers is going to help you make an idea about what you should be looking for. You`re already in the position to cope with moving overseas alone. Why not sweeten the situation by picking the right people for the job?

A cat ready for travel can help you cope with moving overseas alone.
Taking your animal companion with you will help you cope with moving overseas alone.

Moving overseas is pretty challenging. Not only because of the relocation itself or the fact that you are going to pack your whole wardrobe with you. But because of the customs and traditions, you are going to adopt into your day-by-day life.

As a person who has lived in various countries, I can tell you that there is nothing more beautiful than getting to know different nationalities and talk to plenty of people. By listening to their life stories, you are going to discover a whole new world. A world that you didn`t even know that existed in the first place.

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