Tips on how to speed up the moving process

The moving process is one of the most stressful things that might occur in your life. We know that very well, being that we helped thousands of our clients to relocate. We know what mistakes you can make, and how the process can be prolonged, so we decided that it would be a smart move, before you start thinking about the moving itself, to have a good preparation. Therefore, we are going to give you some tips on what to take care about before you start the relocation, you would speed it up. Make sure that you have read all of them, and by that prepared for moving to the next place.

Moving process
Moving process

Tips on how to speed up the moving process

These are the 7 most important tips for moving to be processed smoothly and efficiently:

  • Start your packing as soon as possible- The sooner you start packing, the sooner will you have the opportunity to take care of other important things connected to the moving
  • Make sure that you made a strategy for your packing- Pack in steps, creating and using some kind of checklist for every room will speed up the moving a lot
  • Make arrangements for the stuff you are not moving- Decide what is going to happen with your belongings that you do not take to your new home
  • Prepare moving supplies- Collect items that will help your moving process be done smoothly, and by that speed up the relocation process
  • Do not move all by yourself, get help- If you move by yourself, there is a great chance that you will get into trouble sooner or later.
  • Prepare essentials for the first couple of days- Being that you are relocating to a probably completely empty space, it would be wise to have essentials to help you survive until you are fully unpacked
  • Document how the place you left looks like- Make sure you have a photo or a video of what the rooms look like when you are living, so the owner of that place couldn’t charge you for something you didn’t do

Start packing as soon as possible

If your packing is fast, there are good chances that the moving will be too

Be smart, do not be sloppy. The time flies. The moving day will come faster than you think, start soon and speed up the moving process! That is why it is necessary to start packing the day you decide to move away. Why do we say this? Well, different problems may take place during the process, and leave enough time to solve them before it is too late. The packing is just the beginning of the relocation, and you really, really want to speed-up the relocating process as much as possible. There are more things to come, and if you are careless, you will be packing until the day you move, and if that happen, the chances that you would forget something are almost 100%.

Make packing strategy

In order to pack quickly when moving, make plan how to do that

Moving process
Moving process

Our first advice in trying to speed up the relocating process is- make a checklist for every room! The second is- pack one room at the time. It is very important that you check each room separately because if you do that, you probably wouldn’t forget to pack anything. Also, by doing that, you will sort the boxes for each room and by that make the unpacking process much easier, and therefore you will speed up the moving process.

Make arrangements for the stuff that you are not moving
Decide what will happen with your things that are not being relocated

You made a right decision by not taking with you the things that are not necessary for your new home immediately. That decision will speed up the moving process itself. But, being that those things cost money, it wouldn’t be wise if you left them to the new owners, or threw them away. That is why you are given the advice to decide what is going to be with those things before you start packing. You have different choices- to present them to your friends or family, to sell them or give them away. But you need to make the decision, so it wouldn’t make trouble when your moving starts.

Prepare moving supplies

No job can be done without the equipment- make sure that you are equipped to move, it will speed up the moving before it starts

Prepare for moving
Prepare for moving

Make sure you prepared boxes of different size, packing tape, packing material for fragile things, bags for the clothing, permanent markers for identifying boxes etc. These are small things but they are speeding up the moving process the most! Start packing with not having them in possession and you will see what we are talking about.

Do not move by yourself- get help

Gather your friends and family, hire a moving company- this will certainly speed up the relocation

At the beginning of the moving, you can gather your friends and family, so they would make the stressful process of relocating fun, at least while packing. It makes the whole moving process much, much easier and less annoying if you share it with people you love. Also, it speeds up the relocation if there are people to help you with it.  It is, of course, another opportunity to spend some quality time with them, especially if you are moving far away, and you will not see them anytime soon. For speeding up the rest of the moving process, our experience is that it is the best to hire a professional mover. It is very important that everything is done properly, and you should leave it to the experts with full equipment needed to do that. Of course, collect the information when you choose a mover because it is important that you hire someone who you can trust your valuables. Choose experienced companies with lots of satisfied customers, with plenty of experience and with the lowest price possible, for the quality and the speed of relocation that you require. Avoid fraudulent companies. They are not that easy to discover at first, but simply using the internet you might have a doubt who is not reliable, and never pick anyone with that characteristic, not even if you have the least of a doubt.

Prepare essentials for the first couple of days

Your unpacking is as stressful as packing is. Prepare yourself for the period of not having time to go out of your home

Get help for moving
Get help for moving

You need to be functioning for first few days in your new home too, and being that you probably will not be able to fully unpack for couple of days, it is good to have some things prepared for that time- some clothing, couple of towels, things for the toilet, and some other things that you might need. Not only that will speed up the moving process itself(by being able not to think of those essentials, and could focus only on the unpacking), but it will also make it easier to start a new life.

Document how the place you left looks like

Do not find yourself in trouble of being charged for something you did not do. Make sure that you speed up the ending of the moving process

Take a photo, or make a short video of every part of the old place. If you rented it, it is a necessity. It will not speed up the beginning of the moving process, but it will speed up finishing the relocation and leaving the old place behind. You cannot leave it to the owner if he would be a decent and honest man and not take advantage of you if the chance arises. Have an evidence of how you left the flat or the house, and make sure you cannot be crossed-over.

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