Vancouver vs. Toronto: young professionals share their thoughts

Three young girls sitting at a table with their laptops and discussing Vancouver vs. Toronto.

There are plenty of city battles going around. Of course, there is the ultimate battle New York City vs. Los Angeles. Followed by London vs. Paris. However, it is time for a good old Canadian classic city showdown Vancouver vs. Toronto. Since there aren’t that many large cities in Canada it is only natural that at one point or the other you contemplated which among the two would be a wiser choice for you. So, let’s see what each city has to offer. Especially, to young and up-and-coming professionals.

Vancouver vs. Toronto

The good news is no matter where you decide to move to, you will have great assistance by your side. For moving assistance you can simply visit Nevertheless, choosing the right city for you and your future might be more of a challenge. Since we want to help you make the best possible decision, here are a few details you should keep in mind during your decision-making process.

Multicolored Toronto sign lit up during the night in Toronto.
Downtown Tronto is always an exciting location, particularly during nighttime. They say for nothing that this city never sleeps.


When choosing a place to settle down the weather plays a big role. For that reason, we are kicking off the battle Vancouver vs. Toronto with this important fact.


This city is very often known for its extreme weather. Winters are cold, snowy, and usually accompanied by strong winds. The snow season is known to last even until April. Once summer rolls around, it is time to bust out those shorts and flip-flops because the temperatures will rise. Oh, and don’t forget about the humidity.


In Vancouver, you can expect smaller fluctuations in temperature. On the other hand, get your rain boots and umbrellas ready. Very often it rains around 165 days a year. But, once the rain stops, they say that the wait was well worth it.

A colorful pink umbrella held by a woman in the rain.
A colorful umbrella is exactly what you will need during a gloomy and rainy day in Vancouver. There is no better way to enjoy the rain and add a pop of color to such a day.

Work opportunities

Job opportunities are important to all, but especially to young professionals that are just about to jumpstart their careers. Thus it is only natural that we mention this when trying to determine the winner in Vancouver vs. Toronto.


Since it is home to over 6 million people and is deemed to be the largest city in the country, it is understandable that Toronto provides significantly more job opportunities than Vancouver. You can think of this city as the Canadian New York. It is the city that never sleeps. So, if having a career is your number one prerogative moving to the big city is an excellent idea.


Since it is quite smaller than Toronto, Vancouver gives out a more laid-back vibe. The Downtown area can be so calm that you might forget that you are located in the middle of the city. Certainly, the job market is far from unattractive, just not as big as in Toronto.

A young professional carrying his man purse on his way to work.
The job market and its attractiveness is always one of the main components when trying to determine where to settle down.


Of course, having a carrier and a great job is important. But, what about your downtime? Certainly, you would like to have some fun stuff to do when you are off from work.


Just like most large cities, Toronto provides an exciting repertoire of activities to do. From concerts to artsy places to visit, you name it, this city has it all. From work, you might not have lots of free time on your hands. However, when you do, you will have plenty of options on how to spend it. Still, don’t worry if you are a homebody or plan on having a family. There are plenty of great neighborhoods in Toronto for raising a family.


When it comes to wining and dining, both cities will not leave you hanging. So, in that department, there is no major difference. Nevertheless, the attitudes and lifestyles lived in the cities are different by a mile. In Vancouver, everybody is more oriented towards, health, fitness, and wellness. No wonder you can’t hit the bars if you have your sights set on a difficult leg workout in the gym the next day.

Culture and costs of living

The costs of living are far from low in both cities. Yet, Toronto is more expensive between the two. Since we are doing a Vancouver vs. Toronto we should tell you that living in the largest city in the country will cost you at least 10-15% more. If your pockets aren’t deep, Vancouver seems to be the obvious choice.

Culturally, speaking both cities are phenomenal. Since Toronto has double the residence, it also had a larger diversity. One of the major concerns when moving long distances is that you will have issues when trying to connect to new people. In Toronto making new friends is easy since people come there from all over the place and they all have different backgrounds.

In case you decide to relocate

For example, if you were to move from Toronto to Vancouver, you would be getting yourself into a cross-country move. Relocating long-distance is anything but easy. However, by hiring professional movers you can look forward to a simple and easy transfer any time. All you need to do is make sure you hire reliable and experienced professionals.

Conclusion on Vancouver vs. Toronto

Now that we came to the end of the line of our battle Vancouver vs. Toronto, you are probably expecting a definite answer on who the winner might be. Unfortunately, that won’t be the case. Not all young professionals are alike. Their cultural preferences, as well as their personal needs, differ a lot. For that reason, we cannot pinpoint which city would be the best for all. Making the hard choice will have to fall on you. However, we are confident that all the info we have shared will help you make the best possible choice. Happy moving!

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