Moving to a big city: 3 things to consider


Moving to a big city can be quite exciting. It can also be quite challenging. Especially if you never lived in a big city and don’t know your way around it. Also, not all big cities are the same. For example, New York is a huge metropolis that’s unlike any other. Sometimes even New Yorkers find it difficult to handle the noise, the traffic, the constant hassle. But those cities have some perks. For example, there are no better job opportunities, or better nightlife so it’s worth the hassle.

Moving to a big city – consider the future

There is one thing you should consider. Since you are an adult it can simply happen overnight you fall in love and the next thing you know – you are starting a family. Is the big city the best place for kids? Some would say no right away but the fact is it has many benefits. The best schools are in big cities. All the daily kiddy entertainment like amusement parks, parks, and others are very nice in big cities. Also, hospitals are usually much better in big cities. You can simply find a peaceful street somewhere with a backyard and have an ideal life there.

A child singing on a microphone
Living in a big city can be loud but the kids don’t mind the noise.

The traffic

The traffic can be horrible in big cities. Once again let’s take NYC as an example. Owning a car there can be very impractical. But the commute doesn’t have to be horrible. In many big cities, you don’t actually have a reason to own a car since the subway can take you everywhere. But if you want to own a car, especially a big one, and live in a big city we suggest you move a bit south – like Texas. You always have a place to park your car there no matter how big it is or in which city you are.

subway you will have to use after moving to a big city
This can be a better solution than owning a car in a big city.

Moving to a big city – prices

Since you are moving to a big city you surely know about the process. Not only housing but all costs of life there are simply more expensive. Of course, salaries can be much better there so it gets evened out. But this is something you need to consider simply because they can be very expensive and if you are not prepared… well, prepare yourself now. Start by researching. Not all big cities are extremely expensive but most of them are and renting or buying a place of your own can be hard. While researching prices of real estate we suggest you try a website called Zillow, you can find houses and apartments there. It’s pretty simple to use and you will be able to see the prices and get a piece of better knowledge. Also to plan your budget.

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