Apartment staging tips for Toronto sellers

Apartment staging tips

Selling an apartment is more than just putting it on a listing website over a real estate agent or on your own. You have to put in some effort into making the home look presentable and nice before doing so. This is the most fun part of the process. There are plenty of ways to stage your home so that it is a hit on the market and sells out as soon as that is possible. Apartment staging is very important, especially when selling a home in one of the big cities where the real estate market is busy. The perfect example of a busy real estate market is Toronto. This is where all the good homes sell out fast. If you want to get this all over with as soon as possible and move into a new home, you have to read some of our apartment staging tips.

Following some of our tips will certainly help make your apartment look more presentable to the public. It will also draw more attention, therefore, you will have more interested buyers. Having more people interested in the apartment you are selling means being able to up the price of it. That is exactly how apartment staging helps out, not just to sell the home faster. So, do not be afraid of spending some money on staging as it will pay off. There are ways to save money while relocating in Toronto, you don’t have to save when it comes to staging.

Clean and declutter your apartment

Surely the first thing you must do is to get rid of anything that will make someone not want to purchase the home. Cleaning your home thoroughly is very important. It has to be squeaky clean for when the pictures of the home are taken. Clean the windows, floors, countertops. Everything must be clean. People with children are more likely to purchase a cleaned home studies have shown. So have this in mind if selling in one of the family-friendly Toronto neighborhoods.

If you do not want to handle the cleaning of the apartment, it is a good idea to hire professional cleaning assistance. They will bring all the supplies and do all the work, you just have to set some money aside for this helpful service.

Clean tub.
Keep every part of the apartment clean. This takes time but it is an effort worth making.

But make sure to declutter your apartment beforehand, no matter whether doing it alone or hiring assistance. Get rid of all the things that you do not need or use. If you do not want to throw them away, sell them, or donate them, there is a solution. You can rent out a storage unit and place all the things there. If you have plenty f things to remove from your home and are not able to do it all alone, experts can give you a hand! Hiring moving assistance for this task is a possibility as well.

Furniture is important

No home is complete without furniture. If the current furniture in your apartment is not the best looking, you might feel like you don’t have the best chance to sell this apartment as soon as possible on such a competitive market. But this is not true. Luckily, there are plenty of places where you can rent furniture out for this reason – home staging. This surely means removing the current furniture.

Once again, you can do so by renting a storage unit. But have in mind that good preparation is the key and that you will certainly need packing supplies in order to do so. Which is another expense to cover. But if you will be moving these things with you to your new home, this is an inevitable step.

Nice home.
If you do not have furniture in the apartment you are selling or it is just not good enough, you can always rent it!

If you are thinking that the furniture you already have is good enough, here are some guidelines to follow. The cleaner the home looks the better. This goes for furniture as well. If you have some old pieces of furniture in your home that are not in the best condition, renting some surely is a good idea. The most desirable colors when it comes to furniture are white, gray, cream, brown and black. This is because these are very neutral colors that are pleasing to everyone’s eye. Incorporating as much of these colors as you possibly can into your apartment staging is the best way to make sure your home appeals to many.

Keep it simple and spacious

These two words are very important to have in mind when apartment staging – simple and spacious. There is a couple of reasons why. Making the home seem spacious is never a bad thing.

Kitchen table.
Remember these two words – spacious and simple.

As we all know, the majority of people want the apartment they live in to be spacious. This is so that it doesn’t feel crowded if more people are living there. Others just like the illusion of having a big apartment. This is very important to do if selling a home in one of the more affordable neighborhoods. This way you can bulk up the price a bit.

Keeping the apartment looking simple is a good thing as well as it allows the buyer to make a vision of their own in their head. Even if they do not seem to like the staging, if it is simple and kept to a minimum, it will be much easier for the buyers to make changes of their own in their heads. Simple is very modern nowadays hence why a lot of people will end up liking the apartment because of just that. Especially people in Toronto.

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