Best Doral neighborhoods for families with kids

Florida is a great destination for your family

So, you have decided to move in the near future. And you probably know you are about to go through a rather stressful period. But it is not just the move that has you worried. It is also the fact that you need to relocate your entire family. Moving on your own can be difficult. Moving with children even more so. You have many things to worry about. One of them is whether your new home would be in a suitable neighborhood for families with kids. And your city of choice happens to be Doral Fl. One of the fastest growing cities in the USA, Doral Florida has been the moving destination for many people in recent years. If you are one of those people, you should know that you are not alone. Here’s a couple of facts about best Doral neighborhoods for families with kids.

In order to move you need to find best Doral neighborhoods for families with kids
Relocating with children might seem like a rather complicated task

How to pick a suitable neighborhood for your family

In order to choose the most suitable neighborhood for your family, you need to consider more than one factor. Think about your family’s current requirements. But also think about the things that are going to be important for you and your family in the years to come. If your child is a toddler you do not need to think about the good schools just yet. However, it will be time for school before you know it. So do think in advance and try not to rush with your decision. Moving probably has you feeling overwhelmed, but there are ways to relieve some stress by hiring professional movers at This way you can keep your attention on the decisions that matter the most. Before you choose your new neighborhood, be sure to always consider the following aspects:

  • crime rates
  • good schools
  • parks and entertainment options
  • commute time

Get ready to move to Doral by learning some facts about it

While making your final moving preparations, take your time to learn some basic facts about the city of Doral. This may help you pick one of the best Doral neighborhoods for families with kids. As mentioned before, Doral is a fast-growing city of about 60,000 residents. It is located in Miami-Dade County and is in the immediate proximity of the Miami International Airport. It is actually only one mile away. Doral has been a top moving destination for many people with families, thanks to its low crime rates, excellent public schools, and low tax rates. So if choosing to relocate to Doral area in Florida, you will not be making a mistake. Just be careful, as Doral’s rankings have made its real estate prices go up a notch.

You might need a higher amount of money to get into the best Doral neighborhoods for families with kids

As far as real estate goes, Doral has been known as being on the expensive side in the previous years. Doral real estate prices have seen a steady rise for several years now. And there are good reasons for this. Being a wanted destination, especially for families with kids, Doral’s real estate prices have been inflated. The city is known to be safe and suburbian and it is an excellent choice for people with young children. If you had plans to move to Florida on a tight budget, be careful – maybe buying a home in Doral requires more money than you anticipated.

Buying a house in Doral might be a bit pricey, but worth it
Doral real estate prices have seen a steady rise in the previous years

How to prepare to live in Doral, Florida

Doral is not a particularly large city. However, it has seen a lot of traffic recently. It would be a good idea to prepare for this in advance. Maybe you’ll need some assistance for your household relocation. Also, if your children are old enough you can show them around during your first days after the relocation. Show them where they will go to school. Take them to one of Doral’s shopping malls. Children will certainly find Doral parks entertaining. You can spend time together there and let them get to know their new hometown and its residents.

Which neighborhoods can you consider in Doral?

Since Doral is not a big city, it is expanding by the day in order to take in all the people who are constantly moving in. If you wish to choose among the best Doral neighborhoods for families with kids, you can try to look at some of the newer residential developments. Some of them include:

  • Doral Cay townhomes off Northwest 58th Street
  • Grand Bay single-family homes
  • Contempo, luxury townhomes on 91st Avenue and Northwest 22nd
  • Modern Doral, townhomes on Northwest 74th Street and 104th Avenue
After moving to Doral you can try enjoying a game of golf
Beautiful parks with golf courses are some of Doral’s amenities

You can be sure that Doral is a good choice for your family

Basically, all of Doral is considered as a family-friendly place to live. There are seven city parks with an abundance of amenities for both children and adults. There are new houses, apartments, and condos being built all the time. So you will be able to choose from many Doral neighborhoods for families with kids. They all have very good reviews and most of them offer fairly similar conditions of living. Except for the city center, which is usually most suitable for young professionals and executives, most of Doral is peaceful and suitable for families with children.

How do you feel about moving to Doral so far? If your moving day is getting closer and you’ve already started packing and hiring movers to give you a hand than it must mean you are getting excited about the relocation. And your kids must be excited as well! After all, this could a major change in their lifestyle. Let them be excited and assure them that you are going to live in one of the best Doral neighborhoods for families with kids. And you can be sure that it is true. Wherever you plan to move in Doral, your family can be safe it is the right choice.

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