How to find decent furniture movers in Bergen County

A woman looking up online in order to find decent furniture movers in Bergen County.

You need to start moving, but you’re not sure how to find decent furniture movers in Bergen County? Well, there is really a lot of companies out there and they all seem like a good choice, at least on the first look. However, this is not really true, unfortunately, so you need to know how to pick the best movers for you. And keep on reading to find out how to do it.

How to find decent furniture movers in Bergen County

The first thing you’d do is probably lookup for furniture movers online. But, the list that you would get would probably be much longer than you expect. You would have to make a choice among all these companies. And this is not the choice that you should make uninformed. If you do so, you could end up maybe even without all of your belongings. So, here’s how to find a decent moving company in Bergen County.

Get all the answers

Before beginning to find your movers, it’s important to know what kind of services you need and if a certain moving company provides these services.

  • Are they a local or a long-distance moving company?
  • Are they experienced in transporting specialty items, like pool table, pianos, or art?
  • Do they offer storage services as well, if you happen to need these services?
  • Do they offer packing services and are those included in moving costs, or are they charged extra?
  • Do they offer moving supplies, like boxes and packing materials? If they don’t, you’ll have to buy them or reuse old packing supplies.
  • Be getting an answer to these questions, you’ll be a step close to finding decent furniture movers in Bergen County.
A woman and a question mark.
Be sure to get all the important answers

Be sure to ask yourself these questions when you’re on the quest to find a moving company. But, you should still be careful of some hidden expenses they won’t reveal to you at the start. So do your research and ask all the possible questions that come to your mind about the services and fees.

Get referrals

The best way to find good furniture moving company in Bergen County is by hearing about it from someone you trust. If they had moved successfully with the help of a certain moving company, there are good chances that the company is reliable. So, try to get a referral from:

  • Family member
  • Friend or acquaintance
  • Colleague
  • Message boards

However, you should definitely be careful about the last group. Be aware that business owners or their employees can tout their own business online. Which brings us to the reviews.

Check the online reviews

Try to find reviews from the people who had some experience with a moving company. This will give you a picture of how this company does their business and if there is any reason for caution. The Better Business Bureau is a reliable source but you can take a look somewhere else too. However, you should be very careful – it’s possible to fabricate these stories, so beware of who you trust.

Getting the estimates

The first thing that you should know is how much a full-service move costs. Then it’s time to get the estimate, and there are several ways to get the estimates, video or in-home estimates. Also, some companies also offer online estimates or estimates over the phone. However, while this isn’t bad, it’s good that your company knows the amount and the kind of items that they need to transport. And the best way to do this is to get a free estimate. Also, you should try to get a binding estimate. This means that they won’t be able to change it once they come and see all of the items they need to move and charge additionally.

It would be good to get a binding estimate

Do they have the license and insurance?

When trying to find decent furniture movers in Bergen County, check if they are licensed and insured. These movers need to have the US DOT number, so check on their website or ask them about it. Other than being licensed by the US Department of Transportation, check if they are a member of the American Moving and Storage Association. Also, check the kind of insurance they provide and ask the costs that will apply to that kind of insurance. Even though you probably won’t get full coverage, you should know what kind of insurance they offer.

If they require a large deposit

You should be careful if the movers you are considering require a large deposit. Movers should require more than 20 percent of the moving estimate for the deposit. A lot of them won’t require a payment until they store your belongings. However, if they won’t return your belongings until you pay them more of the agreed amount, try calling the police. Anyway, you can also try filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau or with the American Moving and Storage Association.

Years of experience

Their time and experience of the market can also speak for the quality of their services. After all, you need a company that you can trust with your precious belongings. A decade of more of the experience is definitely considered as a good track record. Also, if they care for the community, it should be a sign that you can trust them. So, if they’re involved in the community of Bergen County, you might want to consider them. And don’t forget to treat your moving crew properly, once you choose them.

Trust your intuition

So, now you believe that you’ve managed to find decent furniture movers in Bergen County. And everything just seems great, at least on paper. They seem like a good company, and there’s no reason not to choose them. But, there’s something wrong about them, you just can’t put your finger on it. You might not like their tone, or they seem unprofessional, or there’s some other reason. Well, this is the moment to trust your intuition and keep on looking for the next company. There are plenty of companies out there, why would you leave yourself wondering if you’re making the right choice if your gut tells you otherwise. Now that you can make an educated decision, you should also trust your intuition.

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