Potential problems during the relocation day

If you’re not that much experienced when it comes to the moving process, we advise you to read carefully the text standing in front of you, and by that prevent some problems that might occur because you didn’t realize they could have happened. We are prepared to share with you what the experience of ten years thought us could be the problems while conducting the home relocation, or in other words when moving your home elsewhere. First of all, have the idea where you want to move, what company you would like to hire, how much money you can afford to pay for the moving services and how much time you have at your disposal. All of the aforementioned must be done before you even start thinking about how you are going to move, and when it comes to the moving day or days near it, here are some tips on what might go wrong with your home relocation, and what you should pay attention to so you could avoid it.

Be completely in control of the situation when the moving day comes!
  • Not enough time for essential processesPrepare for everything on time, otherwise, forgetting something on a moving day
  • Lost/damaged itemsBe aware that this happens, so, before the relocation, have your items insured
  • InjuriesThe equipment for your relocation day is must have in order not to get injured while conducting the moving
  • Moving fraudBeware of fraudulent moving companies, they are everywhere around you
  • Problems with the weatherYou can’t control it when the day for your move comes, you can only pray nothing goes wrong
  • New home still not preparedBeing forced to wait for a while until the new home is prepared is a serious problem, especially if you are relocating with a family

 Not enough time for essential processes

Prepare for the moving as soon as possible, it is coming sooner than you think

The crucial advice for this matter is to start preparing for the moving day before you make a decision on where you shall move (here are some tips on how to manage your time) We mean it! The reason why is that you get sloppy when the day is nearing, and if that happens, the probability of forgetting something on a moving day is very close to certain. And you don’t want to forget anything, so, here is the tip- pack AT LEAST couple of days before the moving day, get everything arranged before the relocation day comes, and when the moving starts, you would be sure that everything you need will wait for you in your new home

Lost/damaged items

In order to get compensation for potential losing or damaging of your items on a relocation day- get the insurance

When you hire a good and reliable moving company, you are sure that they are going to provide high-quality moving service. But even when they do, there’s a probability that, accidentally, during the moving day, something gets damaged, or some item is lost. It is often nobody’s fault. But, when it happens, if you insured the items during the transportation, you will receive the compensation, and therefore solve the problem before it occurred.


Safety comes first, so the moving is not the exception from the rule. Be well equipped, be careful, and be dressed properly, so you wouldn’t get injured

Prevent the injuries on the relocation day

First, prevent the items that could hurt someone by ripping it into a material that would make them safe for transport. Second, use tools for the job, for example, wear gloves when carrying items, so you wouldn’t cut your hands. Third, when the moving day comeswear comfortable clothes and Shoes/snickers– It would be the best if none of them is with ties. By doing those 3 you put chances of getting hurt at a minimum and make your relocation safe.  

Moving fraud

Hire a mover and packer company that was recommended to you by a friend or a relative. That way you would be sure they are reliable

There are so many moving scams. You could get tricked in many ways. The fraudulent mover takes your items as a hostage, charges you the higher amount than the one agreed prior to the moving day, your items get stolen or damaged etc. In order to prevent this from happening, if there are no relatives or friends who could recommend you someone reliable, do the research prior to the moving day, and prior to the hiring of the mover. Check on every potential mover. If you can’t find anything good or bad about them, then they are hiding something, and you do not want to deal with someone hiding the information.

Problems with the weather

Weather conditions on the relocation day are impossible to control, but you may do things to adjust to it

First, if you are moving, arrange your relocation day in a period of the year when there are the smallest chances of difficult weather conditions (intense snow, hurricane, floods…). If you cannot choose, but you are forced to move, then the only thing you can do is hope that the weather will be great on a moving day. In case it gets the bed, inform about the roads, are they clear and safe for driving. Pack the items so they wouldn’t get damaged, and get dressed and equipped for the weather!

New home still not prepared

There is a delay in preparation of your new home, and you can’t move in on a moving day

You made the agreement with the previous owner about the date of your moving, and you delayed a moving couple of weeks after that date, just in case. But the case still happened, it is nobody’s fault, and yet you are left with you family outside the home, on the relocation day, with no chances to move in for couple more days, so you need to stay elsewhere (hotels, friends, family…) If you want to be careful enough, make the agreement in written until when the house must be ready for moving in, and make sure that there is a paragraph in the agreement that the previous owner refunds you money for each day of the delay. Arrange the moving day week or two after that date, and when your moving day comes, you will be peaceful even if that problem arises, because you will know that you will be compensated for the inconvenience you might experience.

Stodgy furniture

Your moving day has come, and you can’t get your furniture outside

Measure the furniture before the moving starts

Measure your furniture, and the rest of the items you are moving. After that, check if they fit your doors/windows, to make sure if they are able to get outside. Do all of this prior to the relocation day. If you don’t do this, the problem might take place, and you could find your head on your hands, being in the problem that can’t be solved, and on a moving day too! In case you hire a professional mover offering professional moving services, you wouldn’t be in this problem because the company’s representative would pay you a visit before the relocation day, and checked if everything is ready for the move. If your budget for the moving is not so big, then do this yourself before the moving day, it is not too much of a problem.



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