Hiring a mover- How much does it cost?

Hiring a mover costs- you decide if it is worth the money

So, you decided to move? Well done, that is one of the greatest decision you have ever made! If you don’t feel happy where you currently live, the only solution is to relocate. We could only advise you to carefully consider the destination. This is not the text about where to move. It is about how to move for a reasonable money, hiring a mover. Therefore, we provide you here with what influences the mover’s estimate.

Hiring a professional relocating company costs some money. The better the moving service- probably the higher the price. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Hiring a good mover, with experience, that you could rely on, could be very affordable. It depends on many factors. So now we are going to tell you what are those factors. 

What is the actual cost of hiring a mover, and what it depends on?

Hiring a mover costs- you decide if it is worth the money
Do the calculation- How much does hiring a mover actually costs

Hiring a company offering relocating services brings peace into your mind, but it puts money out of your pocket. The goal is to find the balance between those two! 

  • Who is doing the packing? – The cost of a professional relocating company depends a lot on this matter. If you are packing yourself, you could save money. But it will take your time. 
  • Local or long distance relocation? – The difference between those two may be huge, depending on the distance. The longer the distance of relocation is, the higher the costs are.
  • Did you hire a reliable mover? – Think about how much would it cost if you hired a fraudulent mover. 

Are you hiring a relocating company to pack your items?

If hiring a mover to pack your home, it adds to the price of the relocation!
Do you plan on hiring a moving service to pack your home for relocation? It is adding to mover’s price!

If you want to stay out of the trouble, you could employ a mover company for this part of the relocation too. Professional movers charge packing per hour or per box. Before you rush into hiring one, ask them for an estimate of how much the packing will cost. It is common that the supplies are included in the price but ask that too. So, they will come, see what’s to be packed and give you an estimated price. Choose a moving specialist offering you the best terms. 

In case you are not happy to throw away money just to keep you away from sweating, pack stuff yourself! It will be boring, I know. It will take you time. But it will save you money. Trust us, you don’t want to waste money during the relocation. You never know what might go wrong. 

Is the relocation that you undertake using a mover local, or you move long distance?

Hiring a mover for a local relocation

This factor makes the highest influence on the price that a relocating company will charge you. If your relocation is to be conducted within the distance less than 100miles, then you are moving locally, it will cost less than the long distance moving, you could guess. The moving cost is calculated hourly. That means you pay a mover for every hour of the home relocation. The prices for this differ very much. It depends on the size of your house, the number of items that need to be moved, and their size too.

Also, the approach to the home to be moved is an important matter here. You could be extra charged hiring a mover if your home is not approachable by moving truck or van. Not specifically for that reason, but the reason could be longer time needed to carry things. The number of workers needed for the job, the loading and unloading items, and the transportation is the main factors for the price of the home moving service. If you can’t find a mover at a reasonable price, you could always rent a truck and gather friends to do the relocation yourself. It takes the most risk, but it costs the least. In case you decide so, here is a short video to help you how to pack things into the truck for the moving.

Long distance relocation using a relocating company costs more than local relocation

If you are moving outside the range of 100 miles, that relocation is considered to be long distance. The movers and packers mostly charge you by volume or by weight, when you are relocating your home long distance. Therefore, when you consider which house relocator is good to pick, check the price first, because the prices vary much more for a long distance move than for a local one. Hiring a mover that is good and reliable is essential, but you should take care of your money too. That is why you should contact several moving services and ask them to give you an estimate. When you get the estimate, require a company representative to visit your home, so they could give you the final offer. When you receive it, you are sure you will be paying only that amount of money. 

Special conditions during the relocation

What we previously mentioned were conditions for estimates regularly. In a case of special conditions, the things change. For example, if you want to use relocation services during the holiday, you pay extras for hiring a relocating company on the holiday. The same applies if you want to hire a mover during summer, or during the weekend. And you must be aware of this because those are possibly the only days for the relocation when you could afford to be free from your job! So, be prepared for that, in case it takes place. You could be forced to pay extra money if you are in a hurry, and you want the relocation to be conducted fastly. In that case, read our tips for speeding the moving process. 

Pay attention and choose only among reliable movers!

Hiring a mover- Avoid moving frauds!
Make sure you are hiring a reliable moving company before you hit the road! Only that way you’ll be sure that you won’t pay too much for the relocation!

When it comes to the relocation, the safety and security come first! We left this matter for the end on purpose. You need to remember it! Few dollars less spent for a non-reliable mover could turn into picking a fraudulent mover and making your relocation a disaster. We already wrote the text about it, what to pay attention when hiring a professional moverWe won’t be talking too much about that now. Read the text to make sure you’re taking the right steps. The most important thing that matters for this article is to pay for high-quality moving service the least possible. It doesn’t mean to pay cheap because that way the company will probably offer cheap and not so quality moving services. It means to find top quality moving services, and choose the least expensive among them. 

When hiring a mover, first make sure of reliability. After that, check the quality of the relocating service the relocator provides. And after that, choose the home relocating service that charges the least for the same high-quality moving service! This is some kind of guide what are the steps when looking to save money, hiring a good and reliable moving company at the same time!

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