How to pack and move in just one week

You got fired! But you were prepared for that, so you searched for another job. And you got it! Great news! But you start in just one week, and the job is in another city. What to do when you have to pack and move in just one week? First, don’t panic. Panicking always takes you away the precious time. So be reasonable and see what options you have. Freeking out won’t bring you anything good. So approach to the preparations seriously, focused and prepared to invest a lot of energy. Don’t worry, after the moving ends, you’ll feel so good. Every hard work pays out. This will make you proud of yourself that you managed to end such a demanding job in just seven days. So, let’s begin with how to pack and move in just one week. 

Guide to rapid relocation: How to pack and move in just one week

Short guide: How to pack and move in just one week
Simple steps: How to pack and move in just one week

It’s true that you can’t devote too much time to getting the best moving estimate. But that’s just the reason to approach the problem prepared to do more things in a shorter period of time. You can’t afford to make a bad call when it comes to any part of the moving process. So just adjust to the fact that you have less time and get to work as soon as possible! Here are some suggestions on what steps to take first, when you have only a week to pack and move:

  • Do the quick research of available professional movers- But try to find some reputable packers and movers.
  • Pick and hire the best moving company- You can’t afford to be sloppy, pay attention how you choose.
  • Prepare everything for the packing- The most important part when you have to pack and move in just one week. 
  • Pack your stuff- Having an extra pair of hands can mean the world to you, trying to get everything done in just seven days. 
  • Use those two-three hours and get some sleep- Rest before the moving day, it’s gonna be exhausting!

How to do the research on such a short notice?

Well, I’m not gonna say that it would be easy, but you need to do exactly the same things as if you had months at your disposal! You just need to input more effort and work harder. Use the same sources of information as in a normal situation. (friends and family, acquaintances, web, ads…). Only, this time you truly try to find a friend or a family member that can recommend some moving agencies to you.

Having so little time, you don’t want to lose it searching for professional movers over the web. Getting several recommendations from your friends, you’ll be able to move on, and possibly skip the next step! In case someone you trust recommends you a moving company to hire, you won’t certainly go and make a detailed check on it. If you can’t find any friend, family member or acquaintance to recommend you a mover, then use other sources. But ask friends to help you, so you could save time. 

Pick the best professional mover to hire

Hire the best moving company regardless of the fact you ought to pack and move in just one week
Hire the best professional movers, regardless of having so little time

After you checked moving companies if they are reliable enough, or trusted the recommendations you got, it’s time to find out their offers. Ask every moving company for the moving estimate. It doesn’t matter you have only one week to do the packing and moving, you still don’t want to throw away money. Together with the question for the moving quotes, ask them about the additional services free of charge, check if your items will be insured during the moving process, and find out if there are additional expenses not included in moving estimate.

After you got all the information, arrange all the bidders to come to an in-home inspection and provide you with the binding-not-to-exceed offer (watch the video below). That’s the final offer that guarantees you that the price you agreed to won’t certainly be higher in the end. When they are gone, compare the offers and pick the best.Having in mind all the information we previously said you should collect together with the moving estimates.

Pick the professional mover offering the most moving services for the least money, and there you are. Regardless of the fact you need to pack and move in one week, you did the most demanding job in only two days. One for research, and one for the in-home inspections. It leaves you 5 days to do everything else! It takes a lot of your energy, but it’s doable. If you must do something, start doing it, crying won’t help you!

Give yourself one whole day to prepare for the packing

Why did we say this is the most important when having just seven days to pack and move? And why the whole day just for preparations? Because it reduces the effort needed to do everything, and it takes that much, as simple as that! What should you do to prepare to pack and move in just one week?

First, get the packing supplies:

  • Packing boxes
  • Dot tape
  • Wrapping materials
  • Bubble wrap
  • Markers
  • Labels
  • Scissors
  • And everything else you consider to be important.

To do any job, you must have the tools. Imagine that you start the packing, and you lack wrapping materials and the tape. You couldn’t do anything until you get them. It brings loosing your nerves, losing time while visiting the store etc.

Second, separate those items you probably won’t use from the things you really need in your new home. That stuff you don’t currently use, or you can’t remember when you used them the last time, probably won’t be used in your new home. So don’t bother packing them and lose money on their transportation. Give them away, or sell if you find a buyer in such a short period of time. 

Third, arrange your friends to help you. Being that the packing day is so close, some friends are probably gonna have some obligations they can’t escape. That’s why you must call many of them to get help. And you’ll need help.

Packing day

There's no better help than your friends when you have a week to pack and move
Friends are the best help to get when having just seven days to pack and move

On the packing day, every pair of hands will be very useful. Especially get some experienced people who know how to pack some items you could have a problem with. You want to do everything right, so your stuff doesn’t get damaged. And you don’t have enough time to learn how to do everything, you need to pack and move in just one week. Besides, having friends on this stressful day would bring a smile on your face every now or then. And stress-releasing is the most important when having a week or less to do all the packing and the moving. Plus, having an extra time to spend with your friends and family you won’t be able to see that much in the future can only be good for you. 

Rest at least couple of hours before the moving day

I know, there are other things to arrange besides packing and moving. But some or all of them you can do when you get to your new home. After all, you must pack for moving, And you have to relocate. Those things should be the priority. Such a short time does make you choose priorities. Certainly do the necessities, for that you always have several hours. But trust us, if you don’t have enough sleep, the moving day could turn into a disaster. You’re the one that should keep everything in order. If you’re not focused enough, nobody will step up. Again, to pack and move in just in one week surely took a lot of energy, get recharged using at least couple of hours to rest. 

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