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Moving to New York City will bring many positive benefits to your life. With the size of the city, the job opportunities, and activities, you will not need to leave the city. But with so many choices, it can be challenging to pick a place to move. We think you should consider moving to Gramercy Park. Moving Companies Estimates will tell you some Interesting facts about Gramercy Park, NYC.

Facts about Gramercy Park – it is quiet 

The first thing to learn about Gramercy Park is that it is peaceful. If you have visited or lived in New York City, you already know the city is loud. And most New Yorkers get sick of the noise and want to find a place where they can relax. Well, if you want a peaceful place, there are reliable pros ready to jump in and help you move into the quiet Gramercy. With their knowledge of the Big Apple and moving experience, they will get you into your new home problem free. 

A store with a sing that says - RELAX, learn facts about Gramercy Park
Gramercy is not part of the clamor of New York City.

When you get to Gramercy, you will experience what previous residents had. An area of tranquility that makes Gramercy Park one of the most desirable neighborhoods of New York City. When you are moving to Gramercy Park, try and cut moving expenses.

It has a gated park 

One of the interesting facts about Gramercy Park is that it is a private park. In New York City there are two private parks – Sunnyside Gardens Park and Gramercy Park. 

 Samuel Ruggles, an urban planner, developed the park. You can only have access to the park if you own property near the park or if you are a guest of Gramercy Park Hotel. Also members of the  Players Club and National Arts Club. But guests of the hotel do not have complete freedom. They can access Gramercy Park only escorted by the hotel staff. Each building near the park pays around 7000 dollars a year to have two keys, which allows them to enter the park. You might find it confusing why you need to pay so much to access a park. Gramercy Park is not simply a recreational area but a historic landmark of the neighborhood. 

a key
One of the interesting facts about Gramercy Park is that you can only enter the neighborhood park with a key.

Gramercy Park Hotel is part of the neighborhood’s history 

Before you move to Gramercy Park, you will have to learn about the hotel. Robert T. Lyons designed the hotel in the 1920s with the help of a development firm called Bing & Bing. The style of the building is the Renaissance Revival which draws inspiration from Italian architecture. 

There are many interesting facts about the Gramercy Park Hotel. The area where the hotel stands were home to influential New Yorkers. An architect Stanford White, The Great Agnostic – Robert Ingersoll, and many more. 

The hotel was immediately popular with many celebrities. Babe Ruth came to the hotel often during the Great Depression. Humphrey Bogart and Helen Menken had their marriage there. Later on, the hotel was known for its discretion and fair pricing. Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Bob Marley, and Madonna are some who stayed in the hotel at one point. Even the 35th president of America – John F. Kennedy – stayed there for a couple of months as a child. 

colorful mural of Bob Dylan.
Celebrates, like Bob Dylan, stayed in the Gramercy Park Hotel to get away from the public eye.

And with any great place, art was made about it. Musicians like Charly García and Pedro Aznar from Argentina, wrote a song Charly García and Pedro Aznar. Stephen Duffy and The Lilac Time mention the hotel in their song “Oh God”. There is even a 2008 documentary fill about the hotel. Many people went, and many things happened in the Gramercy Park Hotel. When you relocate to Gramercy, book a room some time to get the complete picture. To have the most budget-friendly relocation to Gramercy Park, you should compare moving estimates to find the most affordable company to help. 

 The quality of living in Gramercy Park 

While knowing how your life will be in a neighborhood is not the most interesting fact. You should definitely know what to expect before moving to Gramercy Park. 

First, we will talk about amenities in the neighborhood. The area does not lack any department. There are restaurants with great food, fun nightlife options, and plenty of stores. If you are ever feeling sick, you will not have to go far for a spatial the area is close to “hospital row” on First Avenue. But an even better option is the Beth Israel Medical Center. 

Schools in Gramercy Park are highly rated. The best school in the area is Washington Irving High School. There are also higher education options – Baruch College and The School of Visual Arts. And if your children find it hard to study in your new home in Gramercy Park, a branch of the New York Public Library close by. If you want access to all these amenities, move there with the help of dependable movers. Since you are moving to New York City, we think you should consider hiring Heart Moving NYC to help you. 

The second thing we should talk about is the job opportunities. There are many job opportunities in Gramercy. But if you do not have any luck, do not forget you are in the Big Apple and will find a job soon. 

Finally, all the benefits of Gramercy Park come with a cost – a high price of living. The high cost of living is not news in Manhattan, but you should be prepared for it, especially if you never lived in a larger city like NYC. 


We hope these interesting facts about Gramercy Park, NYC make you choose it as your new home. If you prepare your budget accordingly, you will not struggle to live in Gramercy Park. For any hiccups during your relocation to Gramercy, contact us for any advice. 

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