How to estimate required moving budget

Relocation to Asia- how much does it cost?

The relocation hasn’t even started, and the potential headache is already there. You know that the moving could be very expensive. That’s what bothers you. But it doesn’t necessarily be that way. You just need to focus on the problem. When you do that, it’s much easier. Before you start the search for a decent and affordable moving plan, you need to estimate required moving budget. That’s the amount you think you’ll need for the relocation. So that’s why you need to calculate it precisely. Collect the information and start doing the math. It looks complicated. But actually, it isn’t that much. If you put an effort into the calculation. Besides, we’re here to help you estimate required moving budget for your migration! It never hurts to have an extra moving expert on your side while planning the relocation!

The precise calculation: How to estimate required moving budget

Try to estimate required moving budget precisely
Use as precise calculations as possible to estimate required moving budget

When trying to calculate the moving estimate, you need to include all the important factors. Those factors differ to a certain extent. That’s why we can’t give you an exact formula that always works when it comes to the relocations. But there is something we can do. That’s to provide you with some kinds of costs that you must include in every kind of relocation. You will be familiar with the particularities connected to your moving. Therefore, you’ll be able to add the extra costs to the calculation when trying to calculate the amount of money you need for the relocation. So here’s what you need to include in your reckoning of the moving budget:

  • The professional mover estimated cost-If you’re hiring a moving company to help you with the relocation, you need to calculate their price.
  • Packing supplies (+ professional packing)- Find out what you need to buy to pack properly. Add to that the cost of packers and movers, if you hire them for the packing part.
  • Moving insurance- The price of the moving insurance policy.
  • New housing costs- You must have the sum equal to or more than several months rent.
  • Extra costs- Everything we didn’t mention here, such as pets transportation or the shipping cost. 

The moving companies estimates

If you have a chance, hire a moving company to help you with the relocation. They have the expertise, they have the experience and they have the routine. So they have everything you don’t when it comes to the migration. When you decide to do that, pick several moving companies. Call them for the estimate. Require the moving company representative to pay your home a visit. Demand a binding offer. Only then may you compare the moving companies estimates and pick the most affordable professional for your move. After you do, include that cost into your calculation. That’s the first element when trying to estimate required moving budget for your relocation.

Packing supplies costs

When calculating the estimated moving budget you'd need, don't forget packing supplies
Don’t forget packing supplies when estimating the moving budget you’ll need for the relocation

To do the packing, you’ll need the packing supplies. Those are the items you use to properly pack your stuff. In case you hire professional movers and packers to do the packing, you probably won’t need to buy the supplies. But in that case, you’d need to pay the moving company for the packing services provided. When trying to estimate required moving budget, these are the packing supplies to have in your mind:

  • Packing boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Wrapping material (packing paper, blankets, bubble wrap…)
  • Scissors
  • Labels
  • Markers

Moving insurance policy cost

To prevent the great loss you could experience, we suggest you purchase a moving insurance policy. It makes you safe. In case someone accidentally breaks or damages some item of yours, you’ll be refunded. It won’t give you back the item you lost. But it would provide you with the money you could use to buy another item or to repair the damaged one. So this is the cost you should calculate in your estimate for the moving budget. But look at that as an investment in your security. And make sure you add it to the calculation. 

Housing costs are important for your calculation of the estimated moving budget

Include the housing costs when calculating the needed budget for the moving
The moving takes a lot of effort and money, so plan some part of the moving budget for the housing costs

You cannot calculate the moving cost needed to be covered by your moving budget without taking into consideration the costs for your new housing! Even if you have a new job secured, you need some savings for this matter. You never know what might go wrong during and immediately after the relocation. So you must have at least a couple rentals upfront. That way you’ll feel more secure, and even if something happens, you’ll have enough time to solve the problematic situation. Estimate required moving cost properly, and have no problems along the way!

Extra costs

As we said, we can’t provide you with the exact formula for the moving costs to be covered by your moving budget. But having in mind everything we previously said, you should be able to have a clear picture of the money needed for the relocation. These extra costs are costs that aren’t here by default. For example, someone has pets, but someone doesn’t. So this can’t be a regular part of the calculation. Or if someone’s moving overseas. Otherwise, someone could have some problematic approach to home, or require some special service (moving the piano). All of these expenses you should have in mind, And you’ll be aware of them if you’re using those additional services. Just add them to the final score of the moving costs calculation. That’s how you’ll more or less precisely estimate required moving budget for the relocation you’re about to take. 

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