Piano moving estimate: Calculation help

Piano moving estimate is essential part of your overall moving cost

When moving somewhere, the last thing you think about is your piano, right? Well, you might want to think about that again. Every person owning a piano considers it very important in their life. So, you, as piano owner, wouldn’t want your piano damaged when you enter your new home. And that’s perfectly clear and understanding. But what you should understand is that it’s gonna cost you. Being that you should do it hiring a professional piano mover. That’s the only right way. They know how to do it with maximum security, ensuring safety for your piano. So you possibly might move all of your stuff with one mover. And choose completely another for your piano. Another important thing to you is the cost for the moving. That’s why you should calculate piano moving estimate prior to your relocation. And add that cost to overall moving estimate you get.

Piano moving estimate is essential part of your overall moving cost
Get the piano moving estimate to have a full information about your moving cost.

How to properly calculate the piano moving estimate

Before we get to the calculation of estimate for piano moving, let’s make sure you perfectly understand how you should choose your piano mover. First, what we recommend not to choose: the cheapest piano moving company. Those piano movers probably want to trick you some way, or they just offer lame service. Regardless of what might be the reason, you don’t want to hire them. Second, before you get to comparing the moving companies estimates, make sure that’s definitely a professional mover which is specialised in piano moving. Don’t trust your piano to someone not knowing how to transport it safely. The third, and quite the most important, is to check if the relocating company offers the insurance for piano. If no, you might have your piano damaged during the relocation, and not receive compensation for the damage. 

Piano moving estimate elements

  • Don't take the cheapest piano moving estimate
    Respect your piano. Don’t take the cheapest estimate for your piano moving.

    Regular price- The estimated piano moving costs for the regular piano moving, with the regular moving activities. So these costs include: piano moving estimate for wrapping and protecting the piano; Loading and unloading the piano; And unwrapping and moving the piano into your new home.

  • Additional expenditure- All the costs for unusually complicated piano moving. They include everything that might make the piano mover more difficult to conduct the relocation. Such as stairs, difficulties with approaching your home, storing the piano etc.
  • Insurance costs- As we said, we highly recommend you get the insurance for moving your piano or hire a mover for your piano offering it. Therefore, you’d pay a fraction of the price you’d be charged for repairing the piano.In case your piano damaged without insurance.

Calculation of regular price for your piano moving

  • Short distance piano moving
    • For smaller or regular sized pianos, the estimated moving price is somewhere between 120$ and 270$.
    • Baby grand pianos estimated moving price goes up to 450$-500$
    • Grand pianos moving estimate is around or slightly over 600$
  • Long distance piano moving
    • First, if it’s long distance moving, you’re charged twofold- for the weight and for the distance, therefore it’s very difficult to give the exact long distance piano moving estimate
    • Second, we did the research, and over 90% of long distance piano moving are estimated between 670$-2200$. Excluding here the 10% of extreme situations, such as moving your grand piano, cross-country, with special care and with difficulties to approach your previous as well as your new home. 

Additional piano moving costs estimation

  • Stairs complication- If you have stairs in your current home, or in one you’re moving to, that increases the estimated cost for your piano moving. And you should calculate additional 3$-10$ per stair. So count the number of stairs your piano mover needs to climb, and you’ll have the idea of this additional expenditure. 
  • Piano storage- If you need to prepare your new home for bringing in the piano, or there’s no enough room in your new home. You’ll need to keep the piano in the storage. At least until you figure out what to do, add this cost to your overall piano moving estimate. The estimated expenditure for piano storage, with controlled climate conditions, is somewhere between 45$ and 65$ per month. 
  • Hiring crane- For those homes where there’s no chance to carry the piano out from the inside, you’d need to hire a crane. And that costs. A lot. So prepare to say goodbye to additional 700$-2000$. And also make sure your window where the piano should go through, has the dimensions 21″x62″ because that’s the minimum of a standard for a grand piano. 

Piano moving insurance expenditure

Before we tell you the prices, let’s repeat for another time: Calculate the prices, choose the most affordable, but by all means purchase the insurance when moving your piano and include that cost in the piano moving estimate. Because by doing that you’re potentially saving a lot more money than you need to give up purchasing a piano moving insurance. Plus, most of the piano movers provide you with insurance included in the overall estimate for your piano relocation. That way, you’re getting the best service and insurance for an accident that might take place during your piano moving.

Talking about the figures, here’s how much money you need to calculate in piano moving estimate for insurance, in case it’s not included in the overall piano moving price:

  • Insurance is very important, so calculate that too in your piano moving estimate
    We recommend you purchase an insurance policy for your piano moving. So have that in mind when calculating the piano moving estimate.

    If moving the piano separately- which we recommend in case your moving company isn’t specialised in moving the piano- The price is 7$-10$ on every 1000$ of your piano value. So, for example, if your piano is worth 50.000$, the price of insurance policy would be between 350$-500$. Pretty cheap comparing to potential cost, right?

  • Otherwise, for moving the piano together with the rest of your items- You’d pay the insurance per pound. And the price per pound. And the price per pound is between 3$ and 4$. Have in mind that the most of the pianos weigh between 500 pounds and 800 pounds. So this way you might pay quite a sum for the insurance, and that’s another reason to move your piano separately, saving some money, and being sure that your piano is in safe hands of a specialised piano mover. 

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