Moving in Manhattan: top 5 challenges you’ll face

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Are you considering moving to NYC soon? Do you know how to prepare and what to expect after moving there? If you have chosen Manhattan as your future home, what are the challenges you will face? Moving in Manhattan is a big step, and you should learn what it is like living there. We’re offering the answers.

Challenges of moving in Manhattan

Manhattan is one of the 5 boroughs of New York City. Choosing Manhattan is not the end of making decisions when it comes to the place. This borough has many different areas. You can live in one of Manhattan’s coolest neighborhoods, but first, you need to prepare for the relocation

Living in a big city is not always easy. You will have to deal with many different challenges. Every borough of NYC is unique and Manhattan as well. Moving there offers a lot of pros and cons too. Knowing what to expect when moving and after moving.

If you prepare before moving and learn more facts about the Manhattan lifestyle, you will be able to have a stressless and organized relocation. Even if you have never been to Manhattan and if you are moving from another state – long distance.

Dollar bills needed for moving in Manhattan.
Life in Manhattan is not cheap and also, you will need money for the relocation too

What are the challenges of moving in Manhattan and how to deal with all of them? Every problem has a solution. Many people are intimidated by the idea of moving to a big and famous city such as NYC.

#1 High costs of living

It is not a secret that NYC is a very expensive city – one of the most expensive in the USA. New York City has 5 boroughs and Manhattan has the highest costs of living.

Rent is expensive and it is the main factor why people are hesitating when it comes to living in Manhattan. It is a challenge to manage a monthly budget, especially if you are coming from a small and cheaper town. To save money, you may hire affordable movers, cut storing costs in New York, look for a roommate to split the costs, move fewer items, etc. Higher costs of living will be probably a big shock after moving and you will need time to learn how to manage a budget and save money.

#2 Smaller apartments

Because of higher costs of living, especially rent (the median rent per month in Manhattan is around $3.500 for a one-bedroom apartment), people often live in smaller places. They are cheaper and even when people live in a bigger apartment they often have a roommate(s). It is a challenge to share an apartment or not be able to place all your items in your new home.

But, you do not have to throw away all your items. One of the solutions is to rent a storage unit in Manhattan and store all your items there. Research companies that offer storage services such as Clean Cut Moving and your apartment will be decluttered and open. Having fewer items in a home will make it look bigger.

#3 Crowded

Manhattan has a lot of residents. The population of Manhattan is 1.63 people. That may not sound like a big number but it is because Manhattan is not that big island. Population density is 74,780 people per square mile. It is the highest number in the USA for one county.

Winter in NYC.
Winters in NYC are cold, damp, and snowy

Besides residents living there, millions of tourists come every year to NY and they all want to visit Manhattan because it is the center of everything. Fashion, art, finance, music, food, marketing, fun, etc. Crowds are everywhere and you need to get used to a lot of people around you – on the street, in the subway, restaurant, building…It is the city that never sleeps, literally.

#4 The weather

When it comes to the weather, it is good and bad at the same time. Depending on the season. Fall and winter and cold, rainy and snowy. For those who cannot stand the cold weather, it will be a big challenge. For instance, if you are coming from the southern states such as Florida, Texas, or California, December in New York will be a shock for you.

On the other hand, you can look at it differently. By living in New York, you will experience all 4 seasons in one year. Hot and sunny summers and cold and snowy winters.

#5 Adjusting after relocation

If you will live in NYC for the first time, give yourself time to adjust to a new environment. You have chosen the right New York suburb for you but still, you need to work on settling in. New York’s lifestyle is unique. To adjust faster, start to research this city before moving. If you are able, visit it before the final moving day. Also, work on finding an apartment and immediately after finding it, rent it. Do not waste your time because homes here are not on the market for a long period of time.

How to move to Manhattan?

A big challenge for people is to organize a relocation. To make the entire process easier, let experts lead the way and help you with Manhattan relocation. By hiring a local mover from Manhattan you will be able to have a stress-free relocation easy to handle.

New York City.
Move to NYC and organize the process in advance

Timely prep is vital

When moving to a big city it is important and helpful to have a professional by your side. Especially when moving in Manhattan. It is a crowded and chaotic place. It is one of the reasons why people do not drive a car here. Traffic jams are often crazy. Being for the first time in a place such as Manhattan can be scary and very stressful. Local moving companies that already know the area and have a lot of experience and knowledge are highly recommended.

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