Manhattan’s coolest neighborhoods to live in

The NYC skyline, representing Manhattan’s coolest neighborhoods

Are you about to relocate to New York City? That’s amazing! But if you’re going to live in Manhattan, as most people aspire to; you’ve got a big call to make before moving. And that’s which neighborhood you’ll move into! When you take a look at NYC, you’ll see that it’s actually structured like a series of close-knit small towns. And each of them has its own way of life and a distinct personality. That’s why deciding where exactly you want to start living is not the easiest thing in the world. Don’t worry, though; we’re here to present you with a couple of ideas on Manhattan’s coolest neighborhoods! So read on, and enjoy. 

Upper West Side

When you start considering which among Manhattan’s coolest neighborhoods to call home, obviously, you haven’t got an easy decision ahead of you. Before you hire a company like Dynamic Movers NYC, you’ll need to know precisely where you’re going; which can be tricky. But there’s no list of great Manhattan areas that’s complete without at least a passing mention of the Upper West Side! Sure, you’ll find that most people who’ve lived there will be biased towards it in conversations; but that’s all the reason more to consider it as one of the best choices! There’s rarely a more picturesque area in all of New York! Plus, you’ll have many parks and public green areas which you can enjoy; like Riverside Park and the world-famous Central Park!

Yellow cabs in New York City.
A bustling city like New York has a lot to offer!

Not only that, but you’ll feel like you’re living in a Nora Ephron film, with all the blocks littered with treelines and brownstones! On top of that, you’ll have plenty of other things to enjoy. The Upper West Side is famous for its many interesting boutiques, as well as bars, cafes, and restaurants. No matter how long you’ve lived here, you definitely won’t be bored with what this neighborhood has to offer. 

Lenox Hill

Before you start looking for Soho based relocation experts, allow us to talk more about Manhattan’s coolest neighborhoods on the Upperside. More specifically, now we’ll be moving onto a great neighborhood on the Upper East Side. And trust us, this pocket of that area gives you absolutely everything that uptown life has to offer. If you like living in historical buildings and can afford it, Lenox Hill is definitely one of the best areas you’ll find in the Big Apple. Though, bear in mind, this is definitely not an area for those with lighter pockets. We’re talking about some of the most expensive real estate areas in the whole city. However, if you’ve got the money; it’s also the best. Imagine living near Madison Avenue, and shopping at Tom Ford, Zanotti, or Ralph Lauren, at their most upscale and well-stocked shops in the whole world!

More Affordable Options Nearby

Also, you should keep in mind the western part of the area, the one that’s near Central Park, is the most expensive one. Once you move further east, you’ll actually get a more relaxed, down to earth vibe. And that comes along with some more affordable options for housing. So, if find something affordable here, don’t think too hard about whether you should move here; start thinking about all the things to do on moving day instead!

Washington Heights

If you’re about to become the resident of some of the Manhattan’s coolest neighborhoods and have to pick one to start living in; you should definitely take Washington Heights into consideration. This is a very distinct and soulful area in the Upper Manhattan area, that’s also quite well connected by public transport. You’ll find yourself mere minutes away from Midtown if you just hop onto the A train. And plus, it’s one of the more affordable options, if you want to get more of a bang for your bucks in terms of housing. You’ll find lots of lovely pre-war apartments, which are usually quite spacious. And in this lovely area, they’re not that expensive either! All you have to do is hire some reliable movers, and you’re good to go! 

A NYC street with tree lines on the side.
In the right neighborhood, you’ll find that greenery adds a lot to the landscape!

Plus, if you’re a fan of diversity, you’ll be well-pleased with this neighborhood. It’s got a great Hispanic vibe going on, thanks to the many Dominican families who’ve moved here in the past decades. And that means a lot of great Latin restaurants of all kinds, which is always a great thing! Apart from that, there are also many small, family-run businesses in the area, further contributing to the feel of a tight-knit community. Plus, if you like spending time outdoors, there’s always the beautiful Fort Tryon Park!

Battery Park City

If we’re talking about Manhattan’s coolest neighborhoods, and have to close off the list with something; Battery Park City is a pretty safe bet! If you want to live somewhere between gorgeous Hudson River vistas and some extremely lush greenery, then this is the place for you! Plus, once you start looking into it, you’ll realize that Battery Park is actually one of the best choices for families among all the New York City areas. While you’re still well-connected to the rest of the town, you won’t find a lot of that big-city hustle and bustle here. 

One of the subway stations in New York City.
Being well-connected by public transport is always important!

And seeing as Brookfield Place, a huge and sprawling shopping mall, has recently been added to the area, you’ll see that you have all of the amenities you need right here. While this area hasn’t exactly been famous for dining and shopping, all of that is changing for the better, with many interesting bars and restaurants opening up all over the place. You’ll find that these days, even upscale shopping options are not scarce in this neighborhood. 

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