Moving this autumn? Check out our packing tips

Are you one of the thousands who had had to gather all your belongings and move to a new location, these moving and packing tips could be life-saving. Moving is one of the top stressful situations in life, and you need to conduct it the right way. We will help you make the packing uncomplicated

Are you ready for the move?

Packing tips
Creating a packing checklist is one of the most important packing tips

If you are moving and have already found your new house, now it is time to prepare your home for transportation. The first thing you should do is to get organized early on. We suggest you follow our packing tips. This is the first step in this stressful and turbulent process. Figure out the number of days at hand before moving and plan on to use these days to avoid any last minute chaos. Create a list that assigns each day or week to accomplish all the tasks. The point is to manage to make a smooth and quick move to the city you are moving to. Also, you should figure out how you will moveUnless you have any friends or family to help you move with all your belongings, you will need help from a moving company. Make sure to get estimates and schedule your move on time. Inform them well about the nature, size, and number of your belongings you require them to move.

How to pack your clothing like a pro

Looking at your closet and thinking about how to pack all of the things that you have? Clothes are usually one of the types of things everybody moves. But where do you start from? How do you do it? Here are some packing tips on how to select what clothes to take and how to move them. The most difficult thing about every move usually is how and where to beginWe will tell you what you need to know to prepare for your move and make it easier, simpler and less stressful.

  • Make the plan of the packing materials 

    Calculate how much and what sort of items you will be moving so that you can get enough boxes, tape, and bags. It is unnecessary to run to the store at the last minute just because you ran out of packing supplies. So be ready and get everything in advance.

  • Decide if you will move your clothes with hangers

    use special boxes for clothes on hangers
    You can use special boxes for clothes on hangers

    If this is what you want, then you could consider getting moving boxes for clothes on hangers. Just take out your clothes and move them to the box. These wardrobe boxes are very convenient because they are quick to pack and unpack. There you can place clothes that need ironing, and you could fold the rest up and put it in boxes.

  • Begin with packing on time 

    You do not want to be left with just a couple of hours at the end of the moving day to start packing clothes. So, begin earlySort out clothes that are out of season or that you will not use until after the relocation and begin putting them in boxes. Work little by little in the evenings and this will make your move less stressful for sure!

  • Do not overload your boxes

    If you are suspicious that there will be enough boxes for the rest of your clothes, it may occur to you to just try and jam them all in. But this could break the boxes and make a huge mess. So, think about vacuum or garbage bags as a last minute resort, and if that does not work, just run to the store and get some more boxes. Don’t forget to label your boxes. It will help a lot.

  • Use your own packing supplies

    You can also use your suitcases for packing clothesIf you have travel bags and suitcase, just take them out and fill them in. There is no point on moving them empty anyway.

  • Use wardrobe carton

    The first packing method is about hanging items. Those clothes should be packed in a wardrobe carton. Assemble the carton, and put the included bar into place. Any hanging items, like drapes, shower curtains, and clothing can all be hung in these boxes. You will probably want to hang clothes as they are in the closet. All you have to do is transfer them, while they’re still on their hangers, and put down directly into wardrobe carton.

Packing tips for easier moving process

  1. Sell or donate. If you have more things than you need or know, this tip is for you! Separate all your things in these 3 groups. You can organize a yard sale or put your belongings on sale online. Also, you can donate things that are in fairly good condition to charity or even to your friends and family. For all the things you need to take with you, you need to make sure you have boxes that are good enough to pack them in.

    Have a tactic when packing
    You need to have a tactic when packing, so you don’t have to sort your things again when unpacking
  2. Make a packing checklist. This will make all the difference and make your moving house really easy. Make a list of all the articles you place in each box. Hava a tactic when packing and be organized to make the unpacking easier. This is a good tactic for packing without chaos.
  3. Have a tactic when packing. Organize your belongings according to the moment you will use them. For example, have one bag with all the necessary articles you will need on the day of the move. If its autumn time, pack all your winter things separately. The point is that you do not have to sort them again when unpacking.
  4. Tips for packing electronics. Take a photo of the arrangement of cables behind all your electrical appliances so that it saves you time from figuring them out while unpacking.

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