Moving from the US to Australia with a family

a view of Sydney by night

There are many reasons to move to Australia. But before you decide if moving from the US to Australia with a family is a good relocation plan, get to know a couple of things about their culture. Before becoming a Great Britain colony, Australia was mostly populated by the native-born Aborigine tribes. And for a long time, Australia was a colonial country. Historically looking it is a fairly a new nation, however, with a specific character and nationalistic characteristics. There are many similarities with American culture. If you look at Sydney, as the financial and cultural center of Australia, it reminds a lot of New York. American influence is delivered mostly by television and other media. There is a strong sports culture involving usually rugby and cricket. As a major tourist destination, Australia along with its benefits is often considered in plans for immigration.

Economy in Australia

Australia’s economy is relatively strong comparing the other parts of the world. So, it is not strange it makes people move long distance. Americans are no exception to this.hile seeking a better life. Looking at the unemployment rates you may notice that they are incredibly low. Somewhere between 5-6 percent. In Australia, the major industries are mining, agriculture, and commodities. Some of the largest mining companies in the world are located in Australia. However, only a small part of the land is exploited. Some of the sectors with working force shortages are health services, food processing, tourism, schools, and finance. This shortage influences many professionals to move to Australia. Another thing is that beautiful nature and enjoyable living place attract more and more tourists. Even tourists are considering relocation after visiting.

a piece of unexplored land in Australia - something you will see very often after moving from the US to Australia
Just a fraction of land in Australia is properly explored.

Property value

Australia’s house prices are quite high compared to other countries. But that doesn’t stop the immigrants from going to the main cities. The Australian market has a number of fully different sectors (between the inner city residential markets and others) but most immigrants will obviously look to the major inner cities on their arrival. The Australian residential market is focused in a way that it’s easier to buy than to rent a property. This is a great entry point opportunity for the many US citizens that are looking to move to Australia. In general, if you are buying for a short term you can’t expect a valid return on investment. However, for people that decide to stay, there are many benefits.

Australian houses
You can see a lot of beautiful houses in Australia.

Documentation and benefits when moving from the US to Australia

Before becoming an Australian citizen, you will need to become a permanent resident. To do everything in order, you will take a citizenship test after spending four years living in Australia. You will need complete documentation and information about background, and about your family members. In order to evaluate how much it costs, you will need a visa cost estimator, provided by The Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Charge of taxes is on a “Pay As You Go” basis. The social benefits system is especially helping more vulnerable individuals of society, including one-parent families, the unemployed, the old or sick. They won’t allow you to claim full social benefits until 104 weeks of living there.

Education in Australia

Since you are moving from the US to Australia with your family, you will be interested in the Australian educational system. That system uses three levels: Primary school, Secondary school, and Senior secondary school. After that, the young have an opportunity to go to a university or vocational education.

Transport to “the Land below”

Since Australia is a favorite place to move among many US residents, and it happens quite often, there are many services you can find useful. The first thing is that you will need to hire professional help when moving overseas. Moving to another country is a lot of work, but moving overseas to another continent is an entirely different matter. You cannot use the standard transportation vehicles, so you and your moving provider will have to figure the best way to move your possessions. First, you will need to estimate the number of goods you are moving. Have in mind that different moving details will give you different quotes. For example, it will not be the same price if you are moving from Los Angeles as when moving from Miami.

Prepare your kids for moving from the US to Australia

As with any other, moving to Australia leaves you with one difficult job and that is to prepare your children for a big day. You should be aware that this type of moving is particularly shocking and stressful for children. It means they are leaving all their friends behind. And there is a huge chance that it’s for good. Luckily, we are living in the age of social media so you can adjust and make it easier for them, but you should tell the truth. Plan your family moving with them for a long time, and choose the right opportunity to tell your kids about it. Include them in every process like planning, packing, garage sales, etc. Make them feel like it’s an adventure, rather than saying goodbye. Do a little research about how to make the best of the adjustment period after you move.

a father with his kids and a kangaroo
One of the ways to help your kids to adapt is to take them to explore the new land.


Whether it’s your first time in Australia, or you were a regular tourist over there, there are still some details you may find new and interesting. And you will have to explain them upfront before moving from the US to Australia with a family. Those are small things like where to look when crossing the street, or the way that water consumption works in Australia. You don’t want the awkward situation and looks pointed at you for not telling your kids that they will need a different power adapter for their pads. So arm yourself with information and strong will, and good luck with relocation.

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