Components of moving companies estimates

Moving. Besides it’s complicated and causes stress, it might get expensive. So there isn’t any question whether you should or should not think about the moving cost. Actually, it’s probably the first thing that comes to one’s mind. Right after the decision to relocate somewhere. Being that it’s that important, we’ll give you here components of moving companies estimates, so you could roughly have the idea of how much will it cost to move your home. You’re the one knowing what you’re moving, and we know how to do it. So let’s put all those information together, and form an important unity to estimate your moving cost! That way you’ll be able to approximately calculate the cost for your moving, and compare it to the one you get. So you’ll know if someone is trying to rob you or to set you up giving you the too cheap estimate. 

Components of moving companies estimates help you find out the actual price for your relocation
Get to know components of moving companies estimates before you get involved with any professional mover


Learn about the average moving cost: What are components of moving companies estimates?

The average moving cost depends on many information. Therefore, telling you what’s the average cost for the USA doesn’t mean anything to you. But there are some rules that influence the price for your moving. Anyway, we suggest you call the moving company to get an estimate, so you’d have the information how much would every professional mover charge you. And here are the most important components of moving companies estimates:

  • The distance of your relocation- Maybe the most important among components of moving companies estimates is the distinction between long and short distance move.
  • Period of the year- You’re definitely gonna receive a less expensive estimated cost from the professional mover if you’re moving during the winter than if you moved during summer. 
  • Your home size- Of course, there isn’t any chance that the estimated cost for your relocation will be the same if you’re moving from a studio, or if you’re moving out from a big house. 

The distance of your relocation influences the components of moving companies estimates in terms of a different kind of calculation

The distance of relocation is an important component of the estimated cost for your move
The distance of your relocation is an important part component of professional mover’s moving quote

First, let’s find out what does it mean short and long distance. There are two ways that companies decide if your relocation is a short or a long one. Some relocating companies consider short distant every move within 100 miles. While other moving companies consider the moving within the state short distant one and moving across the border long distant. How does this influence your moving cost?

When you’re moving a short distance, the moving company will calculate your moving cost depending on how many workers they need to conducted. And how many hours the moving will take. On the other hand, for long distance moving professional movers give you an estimated cost based on the weight of your items. Therefore, find out what type of calculation each company you contact uses, and compare the results. 

Period of the year and the day of the week are increasing or decreasing moving companies estimates 

In the summer, the weather is nice. People are cheerful, so many of them decide to move. So the demand for moving services is high, and consequently the price rises. On the other hand, during winter, people are less into the moving. Therefore, the demand is much lower, and so is the price. The same applies when we’re discussing working day or weekend/holiday. So you may make some conclusions. The biggest influence on lowering the elements of moving companies quotes you’re gonna get if you’re moving during the working day in the winter. 

Nevertheless, there are some other parameters you need to consider if you’re trying to lower the price that way. How easy can you get a whole week off? Does it snow a lot and are there winter storms in your city? Can you assume what will the weather be like on your moving day? Those are the cons of the decision to move during winter. But if you invest some risk, you might as well save a considerable amount of money!

The size of your home is certainly an important part of moving quote

The bigger the house the bigger will be the estimated cost for your moving
The bigger your home is the more components of moving companies estimate you’re gonna have,m and therefore the higher will be the estimated cost

Simply put: the bigger the home- the higher the cost for your moving. Of course, we’ll explain it in more details. If you live in a small condominium, with one or two rooms, that’s a smaller moving. You certainly don’t have too many items. Or if you do, all of them are small, so they could fit in the condo. Therefore many components of moving companies estimate you don’t have. Such as overweight furniture, difficult approach to home, too many stairs in your home etc. 

Otherwise, if you live in the big house, the things are completely different. There might be a tonne of stuff you need to transport. Some of them might be very heavy. Also, your yard could be muddy if there’s rain on your moving day, and also you might have so many stairs. All of the aforementioned makes it harder to conduct your moving. Therefore, due to volume and potential difficulties, all of the components of moving companies estimates should probably be there. Hence, the price for your moving shall be a lot higher. 

We presented here completely opposite examples of the moving home sizes. We did that on purpose, to show you the contrast. And also to let you know how difficult it is to give an average moving estimate. But, in addition to this text, we’ll give you the example of calculation.

The example of components of moving companies estimates:

We’ll make the assumption that the average cost of one moving company’s worker is 30$/hour. Also, we’ll make the assumption that it’s short distance moving. And another assumption will be that you’re moving on a working day. So this is just a rough example of moving cost calculation:

1 bedroom condo: The moving would take 2 workers and 3-4 hours. So the estimated cost of this moving would be somewhere between 180$-240$

3 bedroom condo: This migration would take 4 workers for 8-10 hours. Therefore the estimated cost for that moving would be between 960$-1200$ roughly.

Large house with 8 rooms, a garage and a basement: This large relocation would take at least 7 workers for 13-16 hours. The price could be between 2730$-3360$

Of course, if these were long distance relocations, conducted in the middle of the summer, and on a holiday. So, these are just rough example calculations to get the impression how much the moving might cost. Also, the price/hour/worker may be different in your state and in your city. To get a more precise estimate, contact us and we’ll go through everything with you and give you the moving estimate close or equal to the final price you’ll pay for your relocation! We hope this article helped you to learn components of moving companies estimates, and therefore have the idea what influences your moving price. Here’s why it’s important to know if the professional mover’s moving estimate is realistic:

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