Questions to ask your movers on moving day


Moving day is finally here and what is your job if you have hired a professional moving company? First of all, prepare questions to ask your movers on moving day and organize your moving like a pro.

Make your moving day organized

Movers are just one piece of the puzzle. There are other moving tasks that need to be finished on a moving day. Here are some simple tips for organizing your relocation and your moving day with ease.

Download moving apps that will make your upcoming move easier. Those apps will be your personal moving assistance.

Create a moving checklist (moving binder) and you won’t forget a thing to pack or to do before moving, on a moving day, and also after moving. It is better to have everything in writing.

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How to have an organized moving day?

Label all your moving boxes, especially those with fragile items inside. If you are packing by yourself, movers need to know which boxes to watch with special attention.

Keep contact numbers for all utility companies because you should cancel or transfer your utilities when you move to a new home, even if moving within the same neighborhood.

Pack an essential moving box that will contain all the items you will need on a moving day and a few days after the move. It is a box you will open first and pack last.

What to ask your movers on moving day?

Moving day can be very stressful and chaotic. There are a lot of questions to ask a moving company representative before moving, but also, there are some questions you should ask movers on a moving day as well.

  • How long will the move take and when your items will arrive to the final destination? You must know the exact time when movers will arrive to your new home.
  • Is there a driver’s phone number to call during the move? Ask your movers on moving day for contact and give them your phone number as well. If anything happen, for example delays, you will be informed on time.
  • Will your items be transferred to another party along the way or they will take care or relocation from start to the end? In some cases, there are 2 drivers (or companies) when moving long-distance.
  • Who to call if some items are lost or broken? What are the policies if something is damaged and who to contact in that case? You should ask this question before moving, but, confirm it on a moving day, just in case.
  • What if movers don’t arrive on time to your new home? Who to call and what steps to take? Anything can happen during the transportation, such as traffic jams.
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Know what to ask movers

Take care of your movers

Prepare fresh drinks for movers on a moving day. If it is summer, make ice tea or lemonade, or if it is winter, prepare hot tea. Ask your movers on moving day if they want a soft drink and make their job a little bit easier.

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