Best NYC neighborhoods for foreigners in 2022


Moving to the USA is something that a lot of people want. Folks from all around the world are coming to the USA and one of the popular cities for them is New York. If you want to live there, the first step is to explore the NYC neighborhoods for foreigners and to choose one of them to move to.

Why do people want to live in New York?

And what are the pros of living in this city? Some of the benefits and reasons to live here are:

  • Job opportunities in marketing, tech, fashion, journalism, art, economy, sport, and many other industries.
  • Now, NYC is a safe place and the crime rates are lower than they were in 80s, for example.
  • New York has a long history because one of the first colonies were here.
  • Exposure to the arts
  • This is a diverse city and you will probably find your community with ease. People from all around the world are coming to NYC to visit it or to live here.
  • NYC never sleeps and the entertainment options are endless. Museums, clubs, restaurants, festivals, galleries, just name it. SO, there is always something to do.
  • Food scene is incredible and here you can tru food from Italy, Greece, Mexico, Spain, Lebanon, China, Japan, Thailand, Poland, Russia, it is diverse.
  • Public parks are beautiful.
  • The public transportatioin system is the best in the world.

When moving internationally, choosing the right location is very important. Most people are moving to the area where their people live. It is easier to adjust this way.

The list of the best NYC neighborhoods for foreigners

Choosing the best place for you where to move depends on many different factors. Consider the costs when moving to NYC, rent prices, commuting, and amenities nearby.

First, understand New York City. It has 5 boroughs – Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Staten Island, and Queens and each one of them is different. Neighborhoods are interesting and unique. Almost every street has a story.

NYC google maps.
Find the best place in NYC for you as a foreigner

East Village – Manhattan

As one of the most popular boroughs in NYC is Manhattan and many people want to live here. It is a financial and cultural center and has a lot to offer. East Village is one of the options for ex-pats because it is close to the center. Students live here as well as many young professionals.

Carroll Gardens – Brooklyn

If you are looking for a quiet place in NYC for foreigners, Carroll Gardens is definitely a place to consider moving to. It is one of the NYC neighborhoods for foreigners because it is diverse, quiet, and more affordable than neighborhoods in Manhattan and nearby. If moving with family to NYC, visit this place and explore the real estate market.

Williamsburg – Brooklyn

Another neighborhood in Brooklyn for foreigners is Williamsburg, but it is completely different from Carroll Gardens. It is loud, vibrant, always is something happening, and it is near Manhattan. A lot of Jews, Polish people live here. Williamsburg has a lot of restaurants, clubs, and bars.

Riverdale – The Bronx

The Bronx is different from Manhattan and Brooklyn. Riverdale can be one of the perfect choices when it comes to moving to NYC as a foreigner. Explore the real estate market here (it is more affordable) and try your luck here. Also, find a place for your household items in the Bronx if your new apartment is too small.

Astoria – Queens

Other NYC neighborhoods for foreigners are located in Queens as well. Astoria offers residents a dense urban feel which is great for the younger population and families with kids. It is safe, clean, it has plenty of parks, and amenities you can visit.

Statue of liberty.
NYC is a land of opportunities

Renting a storage unit in NYC

It is not a secret that rent in NYC is very expensive. This is one of the main options why people live in smaller apartments or they have one or more roommates. This may be a problem for people with more possessions. Where to store them?

Another possible problem is storing your items in a safe place until you find a proper place. You will stay in a hotel, but you cannot put all their household items there.

A solution for both of these problems is to rent a storage unit. A lot of New Yorkers rent it because it is cheaper than renting a bigger place. Also, keep in mind that it is not easy to find an apartment in this city. A proper storage unit can be found on and if you need to learn more about storage units, explore this option and consider it.

Vehicle storage

Driving in New York City is often impossible, especially in Manhattan. If you have moved your vehicle here and now you cannot drive it, a secure facility is the answer for your car. Most people are using the public transportation system (subway) because it is easier and cheaper.

If you have a motorcycle, for example, keep in mind that winters in NYC or cold and snowy, and driving a motorcycle is not safe. Renting a storage unit can be helpful here too.

Question marks regarding NYC neighborhoods for foreigners
If you don’t know where to store all your items, a storage unit is an answer

Hire a moving company

After choosing the right place for you, it is time to hire NYC movers to help you out with the relocation process. Arriving in New York City and being a foreigner is not easy at all and hiring a professional moving company from this area will make the process faster and stressless.

But, make sure to hire a reliable and reputable mover. Verify the company and don’t hire a company that is not licensed and insured. For international relocation or local relocation – always hire a company you can trust. When choosing one of the NYC neighborhoods for foreigners, make sure to choose the right company for moving as well.

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