Questions you must ask your mover

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Finding a decent mover for your relocation is never easy. You not only need to look carefully online, but you need to sort through their moving estimates and find the one that seems most reliable. Once you do that you will be left with the task of questioning your mover in order to see how reliable they really are. And, as you may guess, this task is not simple. So, in order to make it easier, let’s go over some important questions you must ask your mover and why it is important that you do.

How to interview your movers

Before you start interviewing your movers you need to realize what interviewing is all about. After you get your moving estimate online, you will need to contact your mover. After a brief talk, they will send a moving representative to give you an onsite moving estimate. This will give you the chase to talk with them and try to figure out if they are reliable and trustworthy. Rember, you are not trying to make friends here. You are trying to determine whether the person you are talking to, and the company that they represent are trustworthy enough to handle your relocation. After all, you will be giving your stuff to them for safe keeping.

A person not being sure
Not sure about your mover? Then you better talk with them in order to size them up properly.


The first thing you need to ask for is credentials. Any reliable mover needs to have their credentials with them in order to be eligible to give you a moving estimate. If they do not have the necessary credentials, don’t work with them as they may be fraudulent. You can check websites like the Better Business Bureau and see the company in question is listed. Some reliable companies may not be listed, as they are new or their paperwork has not yet been validated by the BBB. But, if the company representative cannot show you the company license to relocate people, do not work with them.


After that, you need to know how experienced your movers are. This is one of the more important questions you must ask your mover. Figure out for how long they are in the business and what their experience really is. There are new companies that employ experienced workers, which means that they can provide top notch service. And, there are long-standing companies that employ newbie workers as they cost less. Overall, you need to figure out how experienced your mover is and whether they are capable of handling your relocation.

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An experienced mover will be able to relocate you in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


Finally, you need to figure out their equipment. Almost any mover can deal with a local, residential move. But, any other type of relocation will require special equipment. Ask them about their tools and how prepared they are. See if they have their own packing materials or if they buy them for a retailer. It is usually a good sign that a moving company offers packing supplies and packing services. Such companies are usually well standing and have the necessary tools and supplies to relocate you.

Questions you must ask your mover about your relocation

Once you have a rough idea about your movers, you need to figure out if they are right for your specific move. In order to do so, you need to know what your relocation is going to entail. You do not need to know the specific details regarding your move straight away. But, there are certain questions you must ask your mover in order to see if they have the necessary knowledge and skills to handle it.

How, when, and why are some of the questions you must ask your mover
There are questions you must ask your mover regarding your particular relocation.

What is the plan

Asking your movers about the moving plan is how you check their knowledge and experience. An experienced mover will formulate a broad stroke moving plan in minutes. Once you tell them where you plan on moving, when you plan on doing so, and what you plan to transport, they should give you a rough idea on how that is going to go down.

Have they dealt with a similar one

The reason they are able to do so is that they have dealt with multiple relocations similar to yours. Sure knowledge helps, but it is the experience that makes a mover great. So, questions you must ask your mover should require experience in order to answer. See if they can tell you some helpful tips for your relocation. Also, ask them about previous relocations and what can you do to prepare for them. The more they can tell you about previous relocations that are similar to yours, the better you will be able to plan.

Can it be cheaper and/or better

Other important questions you must ask your mover are about how they can change your relocation. If you pick the date and the way of moving, there is little chance that it is going to be cheapest and/or the most efficient. Therefore, it is quite wise to ask your mover whether they can improve your relocation. Small changes in schedule and moving plan can make a world of difference. But, it takes experience and knowledge that only movers like Grunts Move Junk and Moving Massachusetts have, to recognize those small changes and implement them on time.

What can you do to help

The final thing to ask your movers is how to approach moving as a rookie. More often then not people hurt their relocation instead of helping it. Therefore, if you want your relocation to be successful, you might need professional assistance for your relocation. Especially when it comes to moving preparations. Ask for their advice and tips regarding relocation and you will move will less stress and more efficiency.


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