Serene Tennessee towns great for starting a family

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There are so many serene Tennessee towns you can choose from. But amongst all of them, we chose the best of the best that can be a perfect place for you to start and raise a family. We took plenty of criteria into consideration. Safety was very important and so were the schools. We also made sure that the towns we chose have a lot of young families so you can easily fit in. Now let’s see them together and then you can take your pick. After that, we will show you who can help you out when the time comes to relocate.

Top 10 serene Tennesse towns that are family-friendly

  1. Gatlinburg
  2. Oakland
  3. Townsend
  4. Macon
  5. Jonesborough
  6. Bell Buckle
  7. Rogersville
  8. Pigeon Forge
  9. Greeneville
  10. Leipers Fork

All of them are great and really beautiful and none of them is a weird place to live. Your Instagram page will flourish in any of them but the first four are the best of the best for families so we will single them out. After that, you will be able to continue researching them and the others on your own.

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Gatlinburg is the most beautiful town in Tennessee

This is a charming mountain town in eastern Tennessee. Great Smoky Mountains National Park is just around the corner which is something you can visit with your (future) kids one day. People are always amazed when they see this town because it looks resort-like. Everywhere you look you will be able to see breathtaking scenery. Of course, this town is more than just pretty nature. There is plenty to do and enjoy here. There is also some great shopping and let’s not forget their world-famous donuts you can try at the Donut Friar. Downtown in here is very small, only a few blocks but the best schools are located there so make sure to check houses or apartments there. If you are planning to start your family here, make sure to call movers and ask everything you want to.

Oakland is the best town for kids

This is one of the safest places to live in Tennessee. The location of Oakland is perfect. It’s very near Memphis so you can take advantage of a big city and what it can offer you and your kids but still it’s far away enough so you don’t feel that big city mess and hassle. When it comes to schools, prepare for some good news. The school system is very good and this town can offer your kids the best possible education. Oakland is most likely the best out of all those beautiful and charming towns in Tennesse and we suggest you research it first. Chances are you will fall in love with it just like we did and you will consider moving there. If you need some help with moving in assistance from the neighbors can be easily found.

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Maybe this will be a perfect place for you.

Townsend is good for both families and seniors

They call this place “the Peaceful Side of the Smokies”. This place can also be great for outdoorsy people because of the diversity of plant and animal life you can explore. If you hate traffic noise this will be your favorite place. It’s pretty secluded and quiet and that is one of the reasons why seniors love it so much. But if you want to raise your family here we suggest you go Downtown. That can be a perfect location.

Macon might be the most charming one of all

This is actually an unincorporated community in Fayette County and this is a very beautiful place. Of course, there is also a Macon County so when researching make sure not to confuse them. Macon is a very safe place and if you are one of the outdoorsy people who enjoy pretty nature trails you will love it here. If you decide to relocate here pros from the area can help with moving and settling in so make sure to call them and ask for help. You will need it.

Raising a family in Tennessee

This state is known for two things – the perfect location for retirement and raising a family. There are many serene Tennessee towns you can choose from and we narrowed it down for you but which one will be perfect for you – is up to you in the end. Luckily, whichever you choose will be great for you and your future kids. If you are wondering what makes this state so perfect for raising kids, here are a couple of things :

  • mild climate
  • excellent school system
  • outdoor amenities
  • low crime rate
  • more and more families coming here making it a perfect support system for growing families

Moving in one of those serene Tennessee towns

We already mentioned that the easiest way to relocate to any of the towns we mentioned is to find reliable movers like Spyder Moving. That is the only way to have a stress-free relocation. Nowadays movers are so much more than just people who are dealing with transportation. They can be here every step of the way and help you with all aspects of your upcoming relocation.

Two girls packing for relocation
Movers can help you a lot.

Additional services

Most movers have plenty of additional services and that is how they manage to assist you every step of the way. Here are some common additional services many moving companies are offering just so you can get a better picture :

  • packing
  • unpacking
  • assembly
  • storage
  • senior relocation
  • vehicle relocation
  • piano moving
  • heavy item moving
  • gun safe moving
  • office relocation
  • local or long distance moving
  • garbage removal
  • student moving and many more

Hopefully, you will find a perfect place for you to start your family and we hope that we helped in your research a bit. Good luck!

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