Top 6 suburban cities in Los Angeles County

Aerial shot of LA that makes you think about suburban cities in Los Angeles County

Los Angeles is a fantastic city to live in. The county as a whole is simply crammed with fantastic locations to visit, things to see, prominent sites, fine arts, culture, nightlife, and more. However, all of this comes with a premium real estate cost. But, there are many suburban cities in Los Angeles County that can get you that lifestyle at a discount. So, let’s get on with the top 6 suburban cities in LA County!

La Verne

If you want to live in the suburbs, La Verne is a terrific spot to settle into and purchase a property. This favorite among suburban cities in Los Angeles County is attractive both to young people and older people. The younger population is drawn to the University of La Verne which is located in the heart of this suburb. There are many smaller apartments great for small families in the area. But keep in mind that you might have to disassemble your furniture for storage if you choose to live in a smaller apartment.

Aerial shot of Los Angeles
La Verne is a great option if you want to live in the suburbs.

The school system is amazing, and the unemployment rate is extremely low! According to current statistics, the city’s popularity is growing, and the real estate market is growing. At 74.1 percent, this suburban city has a higher homeownership rate than the US average.

West Covina

West Covina’s inventory has been increasing, giving buyers more options than ever before. The low crime rate of West Covina earned it a high place on our list, and for the price, this is a terrific community to settle into and that is why it is considered to be one of the best suburban cities in Los Angeles County.

Because of the community, when moving to West Covina you should seek assistance in the area. There are many reputable moving companies, but your neighbors will probably offer to help! Movers can help you with the packing and unpacking, but also can offer advice on good interior designers and storage services.

West Covina is a diversified city located 19 miles east of Los Angeles’ downtown region in San Gabriel Valley. According to the most recent data, 77.2 percent of West Covina citizens were born outside of the nation. The city also has a sizable Asian and Hispanic population. The CW show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which is based in the sunny SoCal suburb, is perhaps the city’s most famous claim to fame.

Pico Rivera

Our next choice of suburban cities in Los Angeles County lies in the heart of the county, close to downtown Los Angeles and adjacent to the LAX airport and Long Beach. The city is family-friendly, with 9 parks, 18 sporting centers, 4 community centers, and much more.

This suburb is filled with greenery and recreational options!

Pico Rivera’s average house value is little more than $600k, which is lower than the countywide average. This area used to be focused on agriculture, the neighborhood, like much of Los Angeles’ suburbs, is now heavily inhabited with residential dwellings, providing quick access to any type of recreation options at a low cost.

La Puente

The next point on our list of suburban cities in Los Angeles County has a population of more than 100k people and a homeownership rate of 70%. La Puente is an excellent place to invest right now since house estimates have increased in the last couple of years. The prices grew as much as 25% in certain parts of La Puente. It is also a great first step towards moving to a big city. This area has a plethora of smaller houses that are ideal for young families.

The Donut Hole, a sweet treat restaurant, is perhaps La Puente’s most distinctive feature. The Donut Hole, literally a massive doughnut through which you drive your automobile, should be on the bucket list of everyone in the Los Angeles region. You should do some research on the La Puente real estate for sale to determine if this is the community for you.


This charming LA suburb is right next to Orange County. Whittier was placed on the list of the most popular suburban cities in Los Angeles County and even the US to live in because of its handy location and small-town atmosphere. Located just outside of the hustle-and-bustle of a larger metropolis, is the ideal blend of practicality and beauty.

Moving to Whittier is much easier these days as many reputable movers started doing business in the area. You should get some help when moving to Whittier because that way settling in can go smoothly. Professional movers will help you pack and unpack and your life will be much easier.

Whittier is convenient and bike-friendly, and the area is divided into numerous smaller communities. Each smaller community has its distinct flavor, as well as various historical places. Whittier also has a college that draws a young population to the community. The Uptown Whittier District spans 3 sq mi and offers restaurants, malls, theatres, and much more.


Duarte is a small community in Los Angeles County with a population of roughly 30,000 people, located just outside one of the most expensive zip codes in the country.┬áHistoric Route 66 passes through the city’s core, and the community hosts a Salute to Route 66 Parade every September. This year, the city celebrated its 64th birthday with a unique themed carnival in Royal Oaks Park. There are also many antique houses that you can move to. The city is recognized for the Community of Hope National Medical Center, a leader in combating cancer and other devastating diseases. It is also a family-friendly city with plenty of inexpensive real estate to pick from.

Los Angeles Street at night
Duarte is one of the greatest suburban cities in Los Angeles County!

Bonus: Downey

Downey’s school systems are above standard, and the diversified community has plenty to offer. This suburban area is becoming increasingly urban, with more pubs, restaurants, and retail malls sprouting recently. For homeowners, more contemporary, optimistic, and interesting options have emerged in the city.

In conclusion

There are many great suburban cities in Los Angeles County to choose from. Each one is specific and after some research, you should be able to find what suits you best. Research is key when you are searching for your new home. We hope that you discover what you are looking for!

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