Things to do After Moving to Upper East Side

A charming building in New York.

Moving to Upper East Side, New York City is very exciting. Once you get through that overwhelming period of planning and getting everything in order, things become more smooth. Moreover, when you arrive at your new space in the Upper East Side, it is time to enjoy it. The Upper East Side is probably one of the best areas to live in New York. It has a chic and urban vibe to it, and so much to offer. Whether you enjoy walks in the park, relaxing in coffee shops or want a fun nightlife, the Upper East Side has it all. Throughout the rest of the text, we will explore all the different things you could do once you move there.

Moving to Upper East Side

Any type of relocation requires a good plan and timely preparation. From finding an apartment in the Upper East Side to packing all of your belongings, it can get a little hectic however manageable with good organization skills. Our tip is to have a plan in motion beforehand. For example, it would be easier if before your moving date you have the new apartment ready for moving in. This way, throughout relocating, you can simply focus on getting your belongings from point A to point B.

Upper East Side view.
With proper preparation, moving to the Upper East Side can be a breeze.

Another tip that we would like to share with you is to hire a moving company if it is within your budget. Having a team of professionals like those Heart Moving Manhattan NYC employs is a very good decision because they will take care of the heavy load and make this relocation much more hassle-free.

There are multiple steps to consider before the moving date, and the key element to take away is to do everything ahead of time so that you don’t stress down the road.

Welcome to the Upper East Side

Moving to the Upper East Side is a lifestyle to look forward to. Located right in Manhattan, the area gives off posh and elegant vibes with lots to explore, discover and do. Moving into your new place should be organized, smooth and most of all fun. As you get settled into your new apartment, it is also a good idea to get to know your local surroundings. Furthermore, once you unpack and adapt the interior of your new home, step outside and explore your neighborhood! Visit local shops, walk around, and get familiar with the area. The more comfortable you are in new surroundings, the better you can actually enjoy them.

An apartment building you can consider when moving to Upper East Side

One of the greatest aspects of the Upper East Side is that it doesn’t solely represent the rich and expensive spots. It also has other down-to-earth types of spots as well. The Upper East Side actually takes a big chunk of Manhattan, therefore a larger area to explore for sure. Museums, churches, internationally well-known bars, and restaurants, and other smaller places all come together to make the Upper East Side a place to want to live in. It is full of hidden treasures at every corner. So, start organizing your relocation process as soon as possible and, if you can, try to cut some moving costs. You will enjoy your new home location immensely.

Must-see Spots after moving to Upper East Side

As we have mentioned above, there are many places to explore once you move to the Upper East Side. Let’s discover some of these amazing spots.

Temple Emanu-El

Dating back to 1845, the Temple Emanu-El is the first Reform Jewish congregation in New York. It is known as one of the most historical and beautiful synagogues in the entire world. With over sixty windows and seatings for about 2500 people, its architectural aspects are truly astonishing. If you have the time and you enjoy history, you should check it out.

Central Park

Central Park is one of the most essential staples of New York City. The background for many television shows and movies out there, there probably isn’t one person that wouldn’t be interested in taking a walk through this worldly park. An interesting fact about the park is that because of its design and overall vibe, it actually elevates the value of real estate around it. One of the things you should check out when walking through the park is the Bethesda Fountain.

Central Park.
Central Park is a New York staple and a must-see park!

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The MET is definitely a place to experience. Home to the MET Gala, the museum’s popularity never seems to decrease. People from all over the world come to see it, and now that you have moved to the Upper East Side, it is right in your neighborhood. What’s great is that the Metropolitan Museum of Art is not solely a museum. It is a place of history, fashion, creativity, exhibitions and much more!


Aside from amazing restaurants, you cannot be in New York City and not have hot-dogs. The Upper East Side has Papaya King, which is known to make the most delicious hot-dogs in the area. Operating since 1932, it is still a people’s favorite!

Famous Television Shows

If you are a fan of the television show Gossip Girl, then you can look forward to booking a tour! The Gossip Girl tour will take you through everything must-see of the show, but it will also highlight many other amazing aspects of the Upper East Side.

City That Never Sleeps

We have only mentioned a few of the many awesome spots to visit when you move to the Upper East Side. The area is so versatile, that anyone can find something to do and discover after moving to Upper East Side. It really is a never-ending list, therefore look for the right moving company, settle in, and take in everything your new home and surroundings have to offer.

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