5 things office tenants in Portland want

Modern office space.

Owning a successful business and having all the employees satisfied is challenging. Moreover, there are many factors that are affecting this. And just one of them is the space where the office is. Working in one of the best spaces for coworking is for sure a great opportunity. But after a while, you want to find the best place for your company. And when you do, you should be aware of the things that office tenants in Portland want. When you know what other businesses want and what is the best offer, it will be easier to find the best option. Therefore start exploring and asking around. This is very important because if you don’t know what you are looking for, you have fewer chances of getting a nice working space in general. So don’t let that happen. You have the opportunity to do it properly.

1. A good location is what everyone wants

Probably the most difficult and challenging part of moving to a new office space is finding a location for it. It doesn’t matter if you plan to buy it or rent it; the situation will remain the same. Plenty of things are very important for your employees and business in general, and putting them all together will make it more difficult to find the right place for your office. So don’t rush and decide on that right away. Also, it’s best to leave it to experts. The same applies to your commercial relocation. You’ll need a reliable moving company that knows the proper way to handle the equipment. Only they can help you settle in worry-free to the new office space.

Aerial view of a parking lot with cars.
You must look for a parking lot.

2. No one wants an office without a parking lot

This and the next topic are related. Depending on if you are using public transport or you have your own car, you will know what to read. However, there are probably plenty of people that would work in your office space that are using their private vehicles. And with that, they need to know if they have a parking lot nearby. Now, paying every day for parking is not something employees would look forward to. So that is the reason why one of the things that those renting an office in Portland want is a parking lot. Not just a random one that is nearby the office. But their own.

If the offer you are checking out doesn’t have a parking lot, you can freely skip to the next one. Not only do you do yourself a favor, but you want your employees to be happy as well. And let’s face it, it is more practical to have a parking lot. Therefore, before you start looking for advice for selling for the first time, you want to make sure that there is a parking lot with office space. If it is a garage, it is even better.

3. Office tenants in Portland want good connectivity from their homes to their work

Now, to follow up on the previous topic. If people prefer to come by public transport, you should find a place with proper connectivity. Spending even half an hour one way to get to work is frustrating. Imagine how it is for people that live even further away. Especially if it is by bus or tram. You don’t have to put a bus stop right in front of the doors. But it should be nearby. In close proximity by foot. You need to find a way to combine all these factors when choosing the right location. It is challenging, but you will have to do make do. And only once you figure that one out can you visit some moving websites, such as royalmovingco.com, and proceed to the next step of relocation.

Aerial view of a business area.
Having green surroundings is very important.

4. Environment, both inside and outside of the office space, is also a very important

No matter what kind of job you do, being in the office space all day long is very exhausting. For sure, you can adapt your office to have different areas where everyone can relax for a while, eat, hang out with other people, and so on. But one of the things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the place for your office in Portland is to check out the environment around it. Being surrounded by concrete and other skyscrapers is not going to affect your employees positively.

Office needs to have enough sunlight or daylight on a daily basis. But also, having it near green areas is definitely recommended. If you can go to a park for your break to relax your eyes after looking at the screen for over eight hours, you can still enjoy what you are doing. Not many people understand on time why this is so important. But think about it. Why are employees in huge HQs less satisfied than the ones not working in the city center?

5. Office tenants in Portland want a great price

As you are well aware, changing a location, in general, is not something that will be budget-friendly. But investing in a change like this one will bring you more and other benefits in the long run. So, there are definitely reasons why you should risk it. One of the very important things for every businessman is to ask for a fair price. In fact, they all try to make the best deal possible. No matter what it takes. Without being able to negotiate, you can’t win in this situation. And that is why they all are doing it. The best thing is that companies selling or renting these spaces are well aware of the situation, and most of them are willing to cooperate.

Office tenants in Portland in their new office space.
All office tenants in Portland want a good office space for a good price.

Adaptation to this change will bring you benefits

Working from day one in the same place gives you comfort. You are used to that place, and you like it when it feels safe. However, sometimes you have to risk it and adapt to changes to expand and grow your business even more. When you know all the things that office tenants in Portland want, you have more chances of finding just the right place for your company. So make sure to explore enough. Your employees will be grateful as well. And they will appreciate it. After a while, you will see and start noticing all the benefits.

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