How to pick your Auto Shipping company?

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Shipping a vehicle never comes easily to anyone. Deciding to hand over your precious baby to some guy you don’t know always comes with great stress and uncertainty. If you are anything like the rest of us, a car is not just a means to an end. It is an extension of your life. In order not to lose sleep after you give away your keys, check these tips out and choose wisely before picking your auto shipping company.

Do the research

Being thorough is never bad. Make sure to study all car hauling companies in your area and find the best fit for you. As in all cases, preparation is always the key. You do not need to become an expert in auto shipping to pick the best option, but researching really prevents a lot of rookie mistakes when going for a top carrier. Here’s a couple of things to study upon:

Company reviews

Find out what previous clients say about the company. The worst thing you can do is not see what level of service a company provides. This applies to all areas of life, but in auto shipping, it can be a crucial mistake. Make sure you are not one of those people who say “If only I read these reviews before”. The most commonly used places you can check out are Yelp, Angie’s List, Uship and just by Googling the business.


Here you can check out the company’s history, filed complaints, how long they have been in the business and owner/management information. Although it’s not perfect, BBB is a noteworthy resource to check out before committing. By visiting the auto shipping company profile, you can make sure your trust levels rise up when referring to a certain carrier. Furthermore, if a company is BBB accredited, you know they had to go through a steep process of verification before getting that badge.


Never give away your vehicle to someone who does not have a license to haul it. Furthermore, if a company is not even registered, what’s the difference between them and just giving your keys to someone you met down the street. Every company you consider should be registered with the Department of Transportation. You can check if they are by entering their DOT/MC number on the Official Website.

Insurance information

Your basic motor carrier insurance will probably not cover everything if it all goes bad. Ask the company for a written confirmation of the insurance they provide. Do not fall for the oldest trick, this is one of the first things you should consider. After all, a scenario where something goes wrong and your vehicle is not even covered can be one of the worst experiences of your life. Make sure the value they provide applies to each vehicle, not the full trailer.

Girl looking at laptop confused trying to chose the right auto shipping company
Confused? You don’t have to be. Information is key.

Make sure they are treating you right, but be wary

Even if the company has sparkling reviews and is fully licensed, they might now be your best fit. First of all, you should feel like they want your business. Similarly, never go with a company that makes you feel like just another client. If you feel like they really care about getting your business and will take care of you, that’s always a good sign. Furthermore, if the person on the other end of the phone sounds too dull and not interested, how are they going to do a good job?

A lot of people choose their company solely based on how much they like the person they are talking to. This is probably the best way to get yourself into trouble when choosing a reliable auto carrier. If you look carefully, the first thing all of the negative reviews say is “They seemed nice at first”. Above all, we have always heard that notion of a smooth salesman that can “sell you a pinch of sand in the desert”. No matter how much you feel like they are honest and trustworthy, always use reason when making your decision. Consider all factors mentioned in this article before finally committing to an auto shipping company.

Most noteworthy, you want to avoid guys like these, shipping your vehicle.

Woman drops ice cream and looks sad
Yes, choosing the wrong auto shipping company can even be worse than this. Shocking, we know.

Ask for a recommendation in order to choose a reliable vehicle transporter

What better way to find the best car carrier than to ask someone you know has done it before? Moving and auto shipping are two things that probably everyone has to do at a point in their life. There is no shame in asking for different moving assistance options. The same way you would not choose just anyone to handle your personal belongings, picking a car carrier is just as important.

Everyone knows someone who has shipped a vehicle in the past. Perhaps they moved as well and the vehicle was just a part of it. The best thing is, they are usually the people in your area which means they considered all the same options you did. Although it is true that some companies are a hit and miss, having a trustworthy recommendation is always a good choice for you. Whether it is a family member, coworker or a neighbour, someone has used an auto shipping company to move their vehicle before, and you can use them as a valuable resource.

Things you should ask before committing to a referral:

  • Is the process simple and down to the point
  • Was the driver/dispatch responsive
  • Did they have sign a legal/binding contract before committing
  • How they handled the situation if it went wrong

Don’t be afraid to spend more to get the right auto shipping company

What you pay is what you get. We’ve all heard it before, and it applies while going for the best auto shipping company.¬†If you go for the cheapest option in the market, I have to tell you, you’re probably making a mistake. Due to the fact we all want to save money where we can, you might end up choosing a company that really cuts down on its quality in order to have competitive pricing.

On the other side, choosing the most expensive option will not result in the most pleasant experience either. The best thing you can do is aim for that sweet middle pack where most good shipments happen. As a result, you will get the best service possible while not breaking your bank.

Blue piggy bank
Avoid thinking of little piggy when shipping a car if you don’t want trouble. It won’t pay off.

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