Ultimate guide to visiting New York City with pets

Visit New York City with pets now!

Going on vacation is a thrilling moment in every person’s life. However, if you have a pet, leaving it home can be difficult. You have grown used to having it around and playing with it. The notion of leaving it behind all alone with a pet nanny can also be a tough choice. Besides that, you want your pet to go on vacation as well. It will be a new experience both for you and for your pet. So, taking your pet to your vacation in New York should be one of your priorities. This article will be a guide to visiting New York City with pets. So let us begin, shall we?

Traveling and visiting New York City with pets

There are a couple of methods of transportation that allow pets. Whichever you choose, you will need to have its passport ready and make proper accommodation for it.

  • If you are traveling by plane,

there are many restrictions on the size of pets that can be transported. This is different from company to company, so you should carefully research what which company offers. If you have more than one pet, this can also pose problems because some flight agencies restrict the number of pets you can take with you.

Visiting New York City with pets like these two puppies is going to be a blast!
Check on the restrictions about the number of pets you can take with you
  • If you are traveling by train,

there are fewer restrictions that if you are traveling by plane. You will usually have to put your pet in a container of a specific size so that it should be able to fit under your seat. There is also a restriction regarding the odor of your pet. It should be odorless so it does not bother other passengers. You should also call them to check on the number of pets you can take with you on the train.

  • If you are traveling internationally,

whichever mode of transportation, an absolute must is having your pet’s passport with you. Some customs regulations have specific restrictions on pet size, and pet number, so it is best to carefully do your research before buying the tickets. You also need to have proper documentation that you are the lawful owner of the pet and its vaccination records. In addition, it is a good idea to put information on a piece of paper and secure it in the dog’s collar. This can be vital if you and your pet get separated. If you want to move to NYC with a pet, Dynamic Movers NYC are the experts in the field. They know what needs to be done when moving house with pets!

Looking for pet-friendly accommodation

There are more and more pet-friendly hotels and accommodation in New York, and the number is rising each day. Some hotels go even further and offer services such as grooming and special food menus. You should research online what hotel is pet-friendly and what kind of services do they offer.  When you have found a hotel and made it your base, see if you will have to leave your pet alone in the room. If you are, try to see everything that can potentially cause harm to it, and remove it from the room. You should also ask if the hotel staff is offering to take care of your pet while you are away. It will probably cost more, but it will be worth it.

girl with a rabbit
Ask if the hotel has proper accommodation for rabbits before visiting New York City with pets!

How to get around New York City with pets

While you are visiting New York City with pets, you will need to know what is the best way to move around town. Pets are usually allowed on most modes of public transportation. In subways, the pet needs to be in a carrier at all times. It is the same deal with buses, however, you will have to enter the front door, and the driver will probably check your carrier if it is securely locked. If you want to hail a taxi, be sure to ask the driver if pets are allowed. Some drivers may refuse to allow pets in their car, so asking before entering is a priority.

Places to eat with your pet

 This will be a pleasant surprise for you when you are visiting New York City with pets. There exists a law which allows pets to be in restaurants that have a license to accommodate pets. If the restaurant has outdoor seating, your pet will most probably be able to sit there with you. There are some restaurants that do not have a license to accommodate pets inside. Although they still do so, at a big risk. Consider carefully if you want to visit such places. Some places also have special menus for our furry friends. The Poochini is one of those restaurants and you should make sure to go there while you are visiting New York City with pets. Your four-legged friends will have a blast!


Pet-friendly places and parks

There are many dog-friendly parks in New York City. You should put this as the next thing on your research list after you find accommodation and places to eat. Some parks even allow your pets to be off the leash and roam around freely. This can be a good idea after visiting Poochini. Your dog needs to get rid of those excess calories! One of the best places for your pets is Prospect Park.

Other than dog runs and playing fields for your dog, they also offer bathing in a special dog beach designed for your furry friend’s bathing pleasure. You can even meet the locals and see if taking care of your pets in a big city like New York is any different than what you are used to. If this plants an idea of moving to New York with your pet you should consider relocating to Midtown, NY. It is one of the most pet-friendly neighborhoods in NY.

There is also a café that specializes in cat accommodation called the Meow Parlour. You can even hang out with other cats and maybe even adopt one, so your cat can have a friend.

New York City did not forget about cats!

After reading this article, you should be well-versed in how should your visit to New York with a pet go. Good luck with finding proper accommodation and most importantly, have fun!

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