Short distance relocation made easy

Organizing a move is never an easy task. There are a lot of things to plan for, and those plans can often still go wrong. Making plans for moving away is never easy, especially if this is your first move. Leaving your home forever is usually a really stressful event. According to certain studies made in recent years, it is one of the most stressful situations for an average human. That is why you have to do everything in your power to plan the move in the best way possible. Since there are different types of moves, you will have to adjust accordingly. Yes, an interstate move is often harder than the short distance one, but planning a short one is still a very complex task. In order to make a short distance relocation made easy, you will have to stay focused and follow our advice.

There are several key elements for any move that have to be dealt with carefully. For instance, you will have to find experts that can help you move short distance. Those experts have to be reliable and competent. There are many things that can go wrong if you choose the wrong moving company. Next, choosing the moving day is rarely a straightforward decision. You have to weigh in many factors before you choose the best day. However, what is most important in all of this is your mindset. This means that if you are negative, nervous and are worrying too much about everything, the move is going to be very hard for you. What you should do is make yourself aware of the fact that this process is a one-time deal that will be over soon, and that after a couple of days, everything is going to be just fine.

A luggage for a short distance relocation.
Start packing early to avoid the unnecessary stress

Making lists is one of the ways leading to short distance relocation made easy

Making lists and putting your thoughts and ideas on paper is always a great idea. For instance, you can make pros and cons lists when you are thinking about which moving company should you hire. This will help you see the most important advantages and disadvantages of each of them and help you make the informed decision. There are two basic, crucial lists that you should make in order to make your move run smoothly.

There are two basic lists that you should make

  • The plan – There are no particular ways for making it. Think about all the elements of the move like hiring a moving company, packing, preparing food for the move, canceling subscriptions etc. Leave separate sections for each of the entries on the list, so you can make a sub-list for each of those items. That way, you will always be aware of what needs to be done and what has already been finished.
  • The inventory list – This list is useful in several very important ways, whether you are planning long distance or short distance relocation. The first is that, if you make a good, detailed list, it will help you in organizing the packing in a more efficient way. What do we mean by this? Well, you should divide this list into sections according to each room. So, before packing kitchen, you list every single item. Then you can decide which items you don’t need anymore, and throw them away or give them to someone. Then, when you start packing, you can pack all of the items in the most efficient way possible, meaning that you don’t overpack any of the boxes with too many items.
  • Mark all the boxes with “kitchen”. You can also mark boxes with special signs, and even write content or notes on them, so you can know which box has the most important items that should be unpacked right away. When you hire a moving company of the highest quality, such as the Divine Moving and Storage NYC, you can then give them instructions on which box you want where, and which boxes require special attention. Furthermore, when unpacking, it will be a lot easier to check if the movers damaged or misplaced a box or an item.

Hiring professionals is the best way to go

A jammed highway.
Why don’t you just go with the pros?

People often think that making a short distance relocation is an easy task. That is why they often decide to do the relocating by themselves. However, that is usually not the best solution, particularly if you can afford it. For instance, if you are living in the Bronx and if planning on moving to Manhattan seems logical, then you should definitely hire a moving company. They are experts for a reason. By hiring them you can make your move feel like a much easier task. Many moving companies offer assistance in various phases of a move. For instance, they can help you out with packing and even give you tips on other things.

Do you want to do it by yourself? It is definitely doable!

If you are confident that you can do the short distance relocation by yourself, then you are simply going to have to plan into a bit more details. It is crucial that you don’t underestimate the complexity of a move. Since there are certain things you can expect when hiring movers, such as that some will provide boxes and other packing supplies, if you hire one of those, you won’t have to worry too much about this. However, if you are moving on your own, providing packing supplies is something to think about ahead. For instance, you can save money on boxes rather easily. Simply visit local drugstores, supermarkets, and other establishments and ask for their boxes.

A laptop and a notebook by its side.
Plan every step of the move into details.

Friends and family are your, well, friends and family

Ask them to help you out. Whether your move is about long or short distance relocation, whether you are hiring movers or not, you should ask for their help. First of all, some of them probably have some experience with moving and can give you some advice. More importantly, they can help you out with the physical endeavor. Packing can sometimes be really overwhelming, particularly if you are living alone. Also, those sofas and wardrobes, and other pieces of furniture are not really something you can carry on your own.

Final Note

Remember two things: Plan everything carefully and stay positive. Do these two and you will finish with your short distance relocation quickly and efficiently.

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