How to pack furniture for the moving

How to pack furniture for the moving- Get the know-how

You found a perfect place for your new home! It’s just what you wanted. You are very excited, but now, prepare for moving there. Before you start the regular operations conducting the packing and moving, learn how to pack furniture for the moving. You have three choices:

  • Hiring packers and movers to do everything
  • Packing things yourself, and hiring a mover to do the transportation
  • Conducting the complete relocation all by yourself

Our advice is to avoid the third option. There are many reasons, and the most important reason is that you don’t have the experience required. Besides that, you probably don’t have the equipment. Furthermore, you would need to provide an insurance for the items yourself. Also, it is very dubious if you have the skills to transport your valuables alone. Therefore, we suggest you do the packing and leave the rest of relocation to the professional mover.

How to pack furniture for the moving- Get the know-how
Learn how to pack furniture for the moving, before you start doing it!

Tips on: How to pack furniture for the moving

Make a checklist for furniture to be packed for relocation

How to pack furniture for the moving- make a checklist
Make a checklist of furniture to be packed for the relocation

Before doing any job, the most important thing is to plan how to do that. Being that packing and moving is one of the most stressful jobs, the plan is the most important. You are only conducting the packing, so prepare for that part of the job, before the moving day comes. The first thing, when it comes to how to pack furniture for the moving is to make a checklist. Put every piece of furniture you own on the list. That way, once you start packing your furniture, there will be no possibility of forgetting to pack something. Also, while making a list, you may think of what might be challenging to pack, so you could do the preparation prior to packing it.


 Secure the material required for wrapping your furniture to be moved

You don’t want your furniture to get damaged, do you? Therefore, if you are doing the packing, do it right. The next tip on how to pack furniture for the moving is to wrap it tightly. Not every piece of furniture requires the same attention. But every piece of furniture should be prepared properly. Only with the highest attention during the packing, you may hope to avoid scratches and crashes of your furniture during the relocation. So, here are some supplies for wrapping and packing your items:

  • Packaging paper- You want to buy the thickest one. Because, although some of your furniture doesn’t need it, it won’t heart to be wrapped more than required.
  • Bubble wrap- You shall use it to wrap your breakable items, such as those made of glass. There are various sorts of it, so ask workers at the shop, or your moving company’s personnel for recommendations.
  • Packing tape- We suggest again to pick the widest and the thickest one. After wrapping your furniture, and packing it into the boxes, you want it to stay there. That’s what packing tape does. If it is the thickest and widest one, the possibility of unwrapping and opening the boxes during the transportation is the least possible.
  • Mattress protector-  You want to wrap your mattress so it doesn’t get dirty or torn while being transported to your new home.
  • Armchair cover- The same use as the previous item. Only this time for the armchair.
  • Different sizes of nylon f0r covering the other furniture surfaces needing to be covered.
How to pack furniture for the moving
Clear and clean your furniture prior to packing it for the moving day

Clear everything out and clean the furniture before you pack it

It is wise to remove everything out of your furniture a day before packing. So you could prepare those items you removed for packing. And pack them before packing the furniture. That way, when you start packing your furniture, you won’t have all those little things to distract you.

Also, do clean your furniture prior to preparing it for the moving. Otherwise, you would bring all the dirt with you. And make your new home dirty at the beginning. Adding yourself an extra job after you moved. And you don’t want that. You want to relax after such a long day, which moving is. No matter if you’re moving long or short distance.


Here are some suggestions how to clean your upholstery furniture:

Before you start packing your furniture for the relocation, disassemble it

How to pack furniture for the moving
Disassemble the furniture that might not fit through your doors

There are various reasons why to disassemble your furniture. First, it may not fit through your doors. Then, it is easier for transportation because disassembled furniture occupies less space. In the end, the possibility of damaging it is smaller. Also, the tip for disassembling, remember how the furniture looks like, and remember or record the steps when disassembling it. That way, it will be easy to reassemble it once you moved to your new home. Another tip is to pack the hardware separately for each piece of furniture you disassembled. And pack it together with the parts of furniture they belong to. It is easy to lose it, don’t be careless and let that happen. Here are some examples on how to disassemble an office chair, and also how to dismantle a sleeping bad.

 Do the covering and wrapping your furniture- pack it properly for the moving

Here is the actual how to pack your furniture for the moving. After you did everything aforementioned, the only thing left prior to the relocation is to wrap the furniture and put it into the boxes (what fits in the boxes, of course). It is very important to be the most careful doing the actual packing of your furniture. It is the last, and maybe the easiest part of packing your items, but it is the most important. If you are sloppy and don’t wrap your items properly, there’s a great chance that the furniture will damage. So use the proper material, and make sure that you wrapped everything as you should. And then wrap it a little more. You can’t be too careful. It is better to lose more time unwrapping it while doing the unpacking at your new home than to have any of your valuables damaged.

If you are still not sure how to pack furniture for the moving, although you read this article, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Moving Companies Estimates. We shall help you remove any confusion that you might have regarding this subject.

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