A simple guide for decluttering your NYC apartment

A residential building in NYC.

Usually, we do not even notice this, but after some time we turn around in our home and there is no space left. At that point, you wonder how in the world did this happen? How is it possible that every single inch of my New York apartment is occupied with something? It only takes a little negligence and a lot of time, but without noticing, your apartment can turn into clutter central. So, what you need to do is declutter your apartment ASAP. Most of us if in this situation will experience some sort of anxiety attack when thinking about decluttering. However, there is no need. Here are some useful tips that will help you with decluttering your NYC apartment. By using these tips, you will slowly but surely get your New York apartment in tip-top shape. So, let us get started. There is no time to waste.

Decluttering your NYC apartment can be considered a mental rejuvenation

If you haven’t decluttered in a really long time, this will be a major project for you. It can take up a lot of your time and a lot of your energy. Also, it will most likely cause some stress as well. Remember, decluttering your apartment is not only good for your living space but also for your mental health. Therefore, you can also consider this adventure as free therapy. Plus, if you are preparing for a move, you absolutely must get rid of your unwanted junk. So, before you visit dumbomoving.com and ask for a free moving quote, get rid of things that you will not be moving with you.

A messy room. You don't want your room to look like this, so start decluttering your NYC apartment as soon as possible.
The same way we shouldn’t neglect ourselves, we shouldn’t neglect our living space.

Take small steps towards your goal

As long as you have a one-step at a time approach, you have a great chance of completing this mission. Don’t start decluttering your entire apartment. First, choose a room that you will start with. For example, start with your bathroom. Second, get more specific. Take one day and focus on one of your bathroom cabinets. This way you will accomplish little decluttering goals that will make this process easier. However, you will not be as stressed. This might be the most important.

In case you cannot decide momentarily should you get rid of something, you can always rent a storage space and put some stuff in it. However, be careful with those hidden fees. You do not want them to creep up on you.

Do your best to be 100% honest with yourself

Before you decide to get rid of something, you must ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Do I really need this item in my home?
  2. How often do I really use this thing?

For example, you have a piano in your small New York apartment. I know, it looks super fancy and sophisticated when you host dinner parties. However, is that a good enough reason to keep it, if you aren’t using it? No! Of course not. So, get rid of it. When moving a piano in New York, you should hire professionals to do it. This is not a move that you can do on your own.

Storage as a safety net

Let us stick to our piano example. You might not have space in your current apartment, but you want to move into a bigger one later on. In that case, for the time being you can put your piano in storage. If you are renting storage for the first time, there are many useful tips to help you out. Just do not get too comfortable, moving everything to a storage unit is not really decluttering. This should only be an option for the things that you are 100% certain you will need in the future.

Light up your decluttering light bulb

Get creative. There are many little nooks and places in your New York apartment that can be used as storage space. Still, do not get confused in the process of decluttering your NYC apartment. These places are for your stuff that is left once you get rid of unneeded things. For example, use the space underneath your bed to store clothing items that are for different seasons. Get creative. There are many different options to explore.

Kitchen shelf filled with kitchen groceries and other items.
What a great and creative way to use every inch of your kitchen space.

Get rid of the old so you can bring in the new

Until you are done with decluttering your NYC apartment, do not even think about buying new things. Especially if they are massive. For example, a new piece of furniture. You can use this as motivation. If you are truly passionate about buying something new, you will declutter faster, so that you can have space for it.

Choose furniture that can be used for storage

When moving into my small Upper West Side apartment, I needed a new bed. Not only did I want it to look great, but I also wanted it to be super practical. I found a piece that not only did look great, but it also had a storage space underneath it. This helped me store items that are seasonal or that I only use occasionally.

It was a good thing I learned how to declutter before moving into my small apartment. Even better, I also learned how to keep the clutter away once I moved in.

Bedroom with a lot of light and a computer screen in it.
Purchase furniture that has the potential to have dual functions.

Decluttering your NYC apartment should be planned properly

Hopefully, by now you are mentally prepared to embark on your decluttering journey. To keep you sane, make a plan. You can plan days during which you would like to declutter and also plan how many hours will you dedicate to this activity. Do not overdo it. You do not want to get overwhelmed and give up before you are done.

Remember decluttering your NYC apartment is a huge project. Especially if you haven’t decluttered in years. So, be patient and get ready for this adventure. One thing that you should keep in mind is that clutter is sometimes related to your emotions. So, get rid of your emotional clutter as well. Find room for new and improved things, so you can be a new and improved you.

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