What you need to know before renting a short term storage

Storage spaces - Learn what you need to know before renting a short term storage.

If you have plans to place your items in storage for a little while, well, you must introduce yourself to short-term storage solutions. These spaces are popular for those who need a temporary area for keeping particular belongings safe. So, if you want to have the same treatment, make sure to stick around to the bottom of this article. Here you will discover what you need to know before renting a short term storage!

Along with learning about the variety of storage solutions, you should check out some tips for renting a storage unit for the first time. It will help you with what to look for in storage, what not to, how to protect your stuff, how to organize the space, and many other things.

Storage space.
Take your time to prepare for placing your items in a storage unit!

So, what do you need to know before renting a short term storage?

Short-term storage is a solution you might want to have at your disposal at any time. You see, these spaces will offer you storage services for an affordable price whenever you require so. And if you need a temporary place for your items, these units will be a great choice to use them. Anyway, the amount of time you can use these storage spaces is usually about three months or less. So, if you are planning on moving, or you demand an area to store your items while you remodel your home, this can be exactly what you need.

All you have to do next is to learn what type of storage suit your terms the most. For that reason, it would be wise to inform yourself about this subject, so you can determine the size of the storage unit for your needs. Many moving companies offer storage services, wherever you are, you can easily find the one that fits your requests.

Tips you should have by your side when using the services of a short term storage

  • When it comes to renting, the price of these spaces is affordable. 
  • There is no minimum amount of time you can use a storage solution. You can pick your stuff the next day, or whenever you want in the next three months. 
  • Depending on the time you need, you should find a middle where you can also get your money’s worth.
  • However, the typical duration is different from company to company. So, you should do some homework about this subject as well when getting ready to use short-term storage.
  • Another tip you should remember when renting these spaces is to be aware of the importance of keeping your storage unit organized.
Moving boxes - Learn how to prepare materials for packing your items before renting a short term storage.
Take your time to learn what you need to know before renting a short term storage.


In the end, whatever you want to place in a storage unit, you should know that you can have these services at your disposal. They are handy, and all you have to do is to inform more what moving companies can offer, so you can find the best deal in no time. Apart from that, storage solutions are also affordable and easily maintained. And this is one more thing you need to know about before renting a short term storage!

The best storage solutions NYC has to offer

An open hand symbolizing the search for the best storage solutions NYC has to offer.

Are you planning to move to NYC? If you are, there are a lot of things to manage and consider before you experience the city that never sleeps! In your moving preparations, you have to plan all the things for your upcoming relocation process. Luckily, you are planning to move to NYC and this city is known for having good moving options. Specifically, in this case, we are talking about the best storage solutions NYC has to offer. Keep in mind that renting a storage unit is a good idea and that you might need it for keeping your goods safe. Still, it is important to know what types of storages you can find and which one to choose for your belongings.

What are the best storage solutions NYC has to offer?

So, when you are planning your long-distance move and you write down that you need to rent a storage unit, here are the types of storages that you can find in this city:

  • Climate-controlled storage.
  • Portable storage containers.
  • Valet storage is one of the best storage solutions NYC has to offer.
  • Specialty storage units.
  • Full-service storage.

These are the most common and the best storage options that you can find in NYC. Still, in order to get a better image and to know which one is the suitable for your goods, we will now present each of these storages to you.

Climate-controlled storage

The most common and popular storage solution NYC has to offer is climate-controlled storage. Most companies are offering a climate-controlled storage unit in every city. Using this type of storage guarantees you that all your goods will be safe and secure. The second thing is that all your sensitive and fragile items will be controlled at an adequate temperature. This means that you will not have to worry if your items will get damaged or not. By controlling the temperature, you can keep the goods as long as there is a need and be absolutely sure about it. Just remember that when you are packing your goods for climate-controlled storage, it is important to pick the right size moving boxes, so you can fit all your goods inside them.

Portable storage containers

Most people will say that these are the most easiest and effective storage solutions that NYC has to offer. Simply, you just have to choose the date when you want a company to drop off the containers at your home. This makes the entire process easier. You do not have to worry about how you will transport your belongings to your new home or to another storage facility. There is also no need to worry about the safety of your goods. Do not forget that if you decide to rent this type of storage, you have to be sure that the costs are suitable for your budget. You can ask a company to provide you with an online moving estimate. In this way, you will see how precise moving estimates are and if you can organize your budget properly or not.

A calendar to set the exact date for getting portable storage containers which are one of the best storage options NYC has to offer.
Choose the right moving date.

Valet storage is one of the best storage solutions NYC has to offer

In the case that you have a huge number of heavy belongings and you cannot do the heavy lifting by yourself, you can use valet storage as an option! A good thing is that the valet storage has a similar organization to portable storage containers. In other words, valet storage will arrive in front of your house and the transportation will be done easily to your new home or to another storage facility. Another good thing is that renting this type of storage does not have to cost you at all. In most cases, you will find affordable prices for valet storage.

Speaking about the options of renting valet storage in NYC, there are many of them. But, if you are looking for a quality and reliable moving company that has experience in this type of service, just visit simplifystorage.com and rent a storage unit from this company. Just be sure to contact them on time, so you can get the right storage for your needs.

Specialty storage units

This type of storage is useful for the belongings that are special and when you need to store something specific and valuable. For instance, we are talking about a car, rare wines, business goods, and other specialty items. Simply, in specialty storage units, you can always expect controlled temperature and a lot of space for your belongings. In this way, you will not have to worry about anything and you can expect that all your goods will be safe and secure inside it. If you decide to use this option, just remember that putting specialty and sensitive items by yourself is a risky task. In other words, you should hire professional movers. Since we are talking about NYC, you can rely on teams nearby and ask them to pack, transport, and store your goods safely and with the utmost care.

Wine bottles.
You can store bottles of wine in specialty storage units.

Full-service storage

When we talk about this last type of storage, we have to mention that this is probably one of the most popular options in NYC. The process is really simple. You are provided with plastic bins in which you put the items that you want to store, a company comes and takes the bins to a storage unit that you have chosen. So, you can see that this is the simplest and easiest process that you can have. Also, it is the fastest one. For a reason, this is one of the best storage solutions NYC has to offer. Another good thing is that by having full-service storage, you can cut your NYC moving costs. It means that finding an affordable option is possible.

A calculator and a pile of money squeezed together.
Finding affordable options is a possible thing.

All these best storage solutions NYC has to offer are good

As you can see, when we talk about are all the best storage solutions NYC has to offer good ones, the answer is. You just have to see which option is the most suitable for your process. In this way, you will make the entire process easier and you will not have to worry about the safety of your goods.

How to clean Christmas decor after a year spent in storage

Christmas decor

We are approaching the Holiday season. And even after all that we have been through this year, we are all still excited about the upcoming Holidays. Unfortunately, spending the holidays with our families will less likely be possible this year but hopefully that is the case just for this year. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get out all of your Christmas decor and set it up. Make this Holiday season special and make the end of the year good as the rest of it wasn’t so much. But if your Christmas decorations spent a year in storage packed in a box, they are most likely very dirty and dusty. You will surely need to clean Christmas decor that was stored away.

This might sound like an easy task but it really isn’t. Christmas decor is delicate. It has plenty of sparkles and colors to it. You can’t just use anything to clean Christmas decor. You have to be very gentle and careful when doing so. This is why we wrote this simple guide on how to clean Christmas decor after a year spent in storage.

Decorations on a Christmas tree.
You have to be gentle when cleaning Christmas baubles.

Get the right supplies first

The first thing you need to do after getting your Christmas decor from the storage where you were keeping it is to get the right cleaning supplies. There are a couple of things you can use. You can use alcohol-free wet wipes. This will ensure that the color isn’t removed from the decoration. You can also use just a simple rag and some water. That is if you have plastic or wooden Christmas decoration.

But if you have glass Christmas decor, use a rag and an alcohol-free window cleaner. This will ensure that your decoration is shiny and looking good. But make sure that it is alcohol-free if there are colors on the decor.

You will also need a regular duster. You must have decor that can’t be cleaned with rags and wet wipes. For them, you should use a regular duster. These are things such as lights and similar decoration that has electronics.

Cleaning supplies to clean Christmas decor.
You need to have some basic cleaning supplies.

How to store away Christmas decor?

If you don’t want to deal with having to clean Christmas decor every year, you can simply use some of our storing tips. First of all, you have to make sure that after using the decor you clean it. This way they will stay dust-free longer. You should also wrap them into paper and bubble pack every year. This will also help prevent the dust from getting onto your decor. Store away your decoration into cardboard boxes. They are very cheap but you surely have some at home just laying around.

You also have to make sure that the place where you are storing them is clean and tidy. All the effort will go to waste if you don’t have a clean storage unit in the first place. You can rent a long-term storage unit and keep all of your excess belongings there.

How much does it cost to rent a self-storage long term?

Rent a storage long term.

Renting a storage unit is sometimes a must. However, getting the right storage unit can sometimes be challenging. Like in any business, not all storage companies are the same. Naturally, some companies are better than others. Also, there is a question of what you are looking for when you are renting a self-storage long-term or short-term. So, let’s jump straight into the article, and let’s try to answer some of your questions. Let’s begin!

How to search for appropriate storage?

Before you decide to rent a storage unit, you have to ask yourself “What do I need a storage unit for, and for how long do I need it”?

Large storage facility.
Ask yourself some questions before you decide to rent a storage unit.

Not all storage companies have the same offers. For example, some companies have a climate-controlled environment, while other companies do not.

There is also a question of proximity. It is very advantageous to search for storage that is near you, so you don’t have to travel far to get to your stuff.

The best way to search for a storage company in this day and age is to look for them online. You can also see customer reviews, and judging by them, decide if the storage company in question is any good.

So, how much does it cost to rent a self-storage long term?

Let’s get straight to the point. The average cost of renting a storage unit long-term is from 60 dollars per month to 180 dollars per month. If you are opting for a climate-controlled storage unit, the cost will go up. In this case, long-term rent is going to cost you somewhere between 75 dollars per month to 225 dollars per month.

Renting a storage long term with money.
So, how much does renting a storage long term cost?

So, let’s say it again:

  • $60-$180 is a monthly cost for a standard storage unit
  • $75-$225 is a monthly cost for a climate-controlled storage unit

On what the storage unit price depends?

There are many factors that contribute to the price of renting a storage unit. The first factor is simply the size of a storage unit. The bigger the storage unit is, the more is it going to cost you.

The second factor is the storage unit’s location. Storage unit in the middle of New York is naturally going to cost more than that in the middle of Nevada.

The third factor is special offers by the company itself. Maybe the company in question has some special offers that will lower the price of rent.

And last, but not least, the price depends if you opt for a long-term, or for short-term rent. Keep that in mind when you are signing the contract.

How to make your new apartment seem bigger?

Apartment Small - How to make your new apartment seem bigger?

Sometimes living in a new apartment can feel kind of cramped. But, it doesn’t always have to be like that. There’re plenty of things you can do to make your new apartment seem bigger. Here are some tips you can use to achieve that. 

Choose colors carefully to make your new apartment seem bigger

Dark colors make your apartment feel smaller than it is. But, light colors make space seem larger. So, stick to pale tones for the walls. Try white, cream, light blues, and light grays. Also, use a different color for the rugs for the nice contrast. Plants are another great way to give your space a pop of color. They provide a more tranquil and natural feel for your overall decor. Plus, plants carry the bonus of purifying your air. So, consider these tips if you are moving to a smaller apartment.

Living Room Wall
Paint your walls in light colors because that will make your new apartment seem bigger.

Storage container

If the room is empty and clean, it naturally feels bigger. So, fill your apartment with storage spaces. They can be hidden or visible. You can stock up on storage containers from the store. But also be creative with what you already have. 

Say “No” to clutter if you want to make your new apartment seem bigger

It’s tempting to decorate the apartment with lots of cute little pieces of décor. But, keep in mind that you’re not doing yourself any favors. The crowded apartment feels smaller than it is. So, try to keep as many areas free of clutter as you can. You can use a simple guide for decluttering your NYC apartmentAlso, go minimalist with your decorating. If you want to have a bunch of small trinkets, put them in one specific area. They can sit next to each other on a certain shelf.

Use the right light

If your apartment is brighter, it will also feel bigger. Even though you can’t usually add new windows, try to keep them open, so the light comes in. Also, you can put lots of lamps around. They will give off a much better color than overhead ones. Plus, they help you control shadows that shrink spaces.

Keep your windows clear

Design magazines say amazing curtains and other window treatments will make your home look more beautiful. That works in big homes, but the opposite is true for smaller apartments. Keep your windows clear to make your new apartment seem bigger. Also, regularly clean the glass because that adds the feeling of size.

Window - Make your new apartment seem bigger
Keep your windows clear, it will make your apartment look bigger.

Use rugs to highlight areas 

If you put a different color rug in your rooms and corners, you’ll think about them as different places. That will make you think you have a lot of different areas in your apartment. So, it will feel bigger.


Using a mirror is a classic technique that will make space feel bigger. Think of how many restaurants and hotels take advantage of this. You don’t need to cover the wall with a mirror, but placing a few around in strategic places will give you the illusion of more space.

Other tips that will make your apartment seem bigger

  • Find the furniture that is customized 
  • Use folding chairs 
  • Hang instead of stacking
  • Open door policy

How to find decent storage unit when moving to Hamilton

A storage warehouse where you can find decent storage unit when moving to Hamilton.

So, you have in mind moving to Hamilton in Canada with your whole family. All of you are happy about the change in location. However, there is one thing that worries you. And that is how to find decent storage unit when relocating to Hamilton. There is no need for you to worry and stress about it. Here, in our article, you will find some tips on finding a storage unit that suits you the most when moving to Hamilton.

A decent storage unit.
If you are searching for a storage unit for your Hamilton move, then you are in the right place.

Search the internet in order to find a decent storage unit when relocating to Hamilton

First of all, the easiest way to find a decent storage unit when moving to Hamilton is to search the internet. There you can find many offers and see what suits you the most. Because many people decide to settle in Hamilton you will have a chance to see many different storage space options. However, you should not just agree to pay for some storage space in Hamilton without seeing it with your eyes first. If possible, we advise you to go and see it in person. But, if you cannot do that for some reason, make sure to search for its photographs. Certainly, even that is better than just deciding to rent a storage space without seeing it in any form. Also, you should do your research earlier and prepare everything so that you can be ready when your moving day comes.

A person using a laptop.
Use the internet and see if you can find some storage units there.

Ask the people you know for a recommendation

Secondly, if you want to avoid searching the internet for suitable storage space for your belongings in Hamilton, then you should ask somebody you know about his or her experience. That is, your friends or relatives may know some suitable storage space for you. If they can recommend something, that will definitely make the whole searching process much easier for you. However, if they cannot recommend anything, you can always check professionals at number1movers.ca and ask them to assist you in this endeavor. Moving companies also have other moving services that can make your relocation process smooth and completely stress-free.

Women talking.
Do not hesitate to ask the people you know well for storage unit recommendations.

Explain exactly what type of objects you want to store

Importantly, when you get in contact with someone who is renting a storage space in Hamilton, you have to be very specific about the belongings that you want to store. In that way, he or she will know what kind of storage will be suitable for your needs. Moreover, you have to state clearly for how long you have in mind storing your items in that space. Only when you give all of this important information can you rent the best storage space for your precious objects.

How to pack toys for NYC storage?

A teddy bear in a suitcase.

Changing the current place of your living with your family means that you are making a new step in your life. In this case, when you are relocating to NYC with your family, there is no mistake. This city will be suitable for your family and there are a lot of things to see and experience. Speaking about the relocation process, you also need to think about your children’s belongings. In most cases, they will want to relocate their toys. But, what are you going to do in the case that you do not have enough space in your new home? It means that you have to pack toys for NYC storage and keep them inside it. So, what should you know about this process? Read More …

Benefits of warehousing for your business

Full service warehouse - providing many benefits of warehousing for your business.

For companies that are dealing with commercial goods, warehousing is one of the beneficial solutions for the business. Usually, the type of goods you need to store will determine the type and size of the warehouse space. Additionally, location, transportation, accessibility, security measures, amount of staff, and security measures can play an important role in your selection. However, the price of renting and managing capabilities are the main benefits of warehousing for your business. Read More …